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Title: Lord Alexander Caledon, Quebec to his mother
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelord caledon/26
SenderLord Caledon (James Du Pre Alexander)
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpolitician
Sender Religionunknown
OriginQuebec, Canada
RecipientCountess of Caledon
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 2433/B/8/40: Letters to the 2nd Earl of Caledon and his wife, from Lord Alexander, a serving soldier in Quebec, Canada 1838 - 1842
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9706200
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptMy dear Mother

In fear of missing the post this time as I
unfortunately did the last I write in good time
as I am going in to the woods again shortly on a
fishing excursion You may depend had it been in my
power that I should have come home in the place
of the officer who got Houtons place but you
must consider that others are just as anxious
to return and all have their matters of
business to settle as well as myself and many
to whom it is of more consequence. You must
also consider that my finances at home are
now getting in to order, which would not
have been the case at fact they would not
have been near so well if I had been at home
I and Grimston are the first for leave so
whatever happens we cannot possibly be long
absent for the present we have only lieutenants
enough to do the duty with one to spare. I
am therefore a fixture for the present. Had I
got leave or exchanged I had intended a very
pleasant excursion to Boston, New York,
Washington, Charleston, New Orleans the
Havannah + St Domingo one of our Doctors
was to have gone for his health for the
winter, but the whole plan has fallen to
the ground many of our people have visited
the Havannah, and give such a description
of it that makes one wish to exchange this
cold clime of ours for a short time. If
there is a [breoeb?] I suppose our General
will go home and will get a Regt. [Regiment?]
I have been on a fishing expedition in the
[?] and came home well loaded after ten days
absence I came to the very place I had been
to the year before found the wood I had cut
the fire place and old cabon [cabin?] just the
same so I stayed there nearly all the time
I intend going again as soon as I get leave
it is the only amusement we have here. I am
getting a very good collection of birds of
the country, and hope to get some wild
animals home alive beaver, lynx, moose.
I have a buffalo going from the Red River.
I am glad that Isabella Douglas is married
I should think it would suit very well the
Hope she is married to, is much more
civilized than the others I believe we have
two brothers in our regt. [regiment?] both
are very good men but odd as [? ?]. I wrote
to Goulburn expecting a Treasury clerkship
for the son of a friend of mine but got a
refusal I never heard of or from my worthy
cousin Blayney he used to write to me but
has left it off now. I wonder what can have
become of the moose heads I sent home as I
know the ship arrived safe I have not heard
a word of any of our people that went home
by the river I suppose a [Breoeb?] will
take away our General but there seems to be a
doubt if any [breoeb?] will take place it
will do me no good however so as far as I
am concerned I feel very indifferent on the
subject I seldom hear from Bell now I hope
she is better. I begged her to send some
pictures of dogs Louisa drew for me but I
suppose that they have been forgotten if not
they will be taken care of by Fred Villien
Coldstream orderly room Horse Guards. We
have very pleasant weather here now and not
too cold, the roads also are good for
sleighing which is a great comfort to us.
I suppose Lord Stuart has just the same
sort of weather as St Petersburgh.
[Petersburg?] I think you mentioned in your
letters that my [aunt?] was not going till
May - I shall go there to greet Governor
Simpson on his return to England - I shall
write by New York if I can get any one to
send the letter to I have nothing further
at present

Your affectionate Son

Best love to my friend mother + Bill