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Title: William Brown, Lurgan to James [Brown?], Philadelphia
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrown, William/53
SenderBrown, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpainter & glazier
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLurgan, Co. Armagh, N.Ireland
DestinationPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
RecipientBrown, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2794/1/2/2: Presented by H. H. Montgomery, 4 Kensington Gardens, Belfast 5.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9103035
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by C.R., 10:12:1993.
Word Count686
TranscriptTo: [James Brown?]
[----?] [---------?] [-------?]
post Office Philadelphia Lurgan Otober [October?] 22 1815
State of Pennsylvania

Dear Brother
I Have the Honer [Honour?] to this Day
to recieve [------?] from you I am Hapy [happy?] to Hear
you are Well & in [-------?] your sister [Rachel?]
[---?] is Hapy [happy?] to know you live & Ever lives to
think of you She often says that she Never Will
Have a child that she thinks as much of as
she thinks of you Dear Brother you Dis[lack?] [?]
to me about gooing [going?] to america I thank god that
I Have Now Call to goo [go?] to america but Have [--------?]
america at Home I Have reson [reason?] to thank god that
I have Com onn [Come on?] well since I Began life I some
Times Have 100 Bags of flour on my [----?] at
Wants [once?] With a quantity of Growers goods [--------?]
& Things go on Well With us your Brother
Hugh is my Banker at present But I think
He will not Be in the situation long He speaks
of gooing [going?] to america soon as soon as He gets
mooney [money?] He is a fine looking fellow as you [W-----?]
See in a County & is a good Boy as in Ireland & is
good Caricter [character?] as I now [know?] things Hear
[here?] is very low [torn] money [Car--?] Ever since Boney
Was Defeated trade is Bad pertickler [particular?] the Weaving
Bisness [business?] is Bad
Wheat is But 12 shillings per Cwt [hundredweight?] & Coren
[corn?] 5 shills [shillings?] & 6d per Cwt [hundredweight?]
patoes [potatoes?] is 2 1/2 per stone 14 lbs to the stone rachel
got a letter in Closed [enclosed?] of [-------?] a[-------?]
that is not I think a good likeness I would wish you would
send us your likeness in minitur [miniature?] likewise your
wifes you right [write?] for some [Drafts?] of [?]
[?] [?] [youngest?] [With?] [B?] [a?] likeness of me
in regmentall [?] [regimental?] as I have the [Hand?] to [Becom?]
[become?] the Lieutenant of the [S-e-g--] [--------] that you
Wants [once?] Belong to & I think that you should not talk against
our goverment [government?] you now [know?] that
it gave you Birth & you owe your Existing [Existence?] to it
you should Ever respect it & Ever respect
the place that gave you Birth & you know that
you & lived in Ireland & Took
gorge [George?] the III reax [rex?] King of great
Britain france & Ireland I will send you of my
own [painting?] my Bust and Rachels Bust in
other painting as soon as I get a Hand to
carry it you will find that the [they?] will Be
as like the object is as life itself & I will
send them as soon as I can get opportunity
[Joseph?] [----?] [---?] to let me now [know?] How that John
is & for god sake make Him right [write?] When this
Comes to Hand or first right [write?] your self & let
me now [know?] How He is & if He lives or if he [----?]
to ever write to his friends at all he is a great [-----?]
to me poor John a! make him right [write?] to me
poor John [----?] [----?] I Ever Loved & Ever Will & a! may
God Ever Direct His ships to the [------?] of life Evermore & if We
never meet on Earth o may We meet where
the waters seen from Ireland & this [----?] ever be
at rest my wife sends her [----?] & [----?]
that she will have the happiness to [torn]
before she dies all friend is well & [torn]
is in as good health as ever she was ever in her life
your father & all friends is well & wish
to Be remembered to you I am your [constant?]
& far Well [farewell?]. Dear John may God ever
be with your ships to life eternal
I remain you loving Brother
till Death
Lieutenant W [William?] Brown
S[----?]. T