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Title: Alexander [?], Citadel, Quebec, Canada, to the Earl of Caledon, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelord caledon/102
SenderLord Caledon (James Du Pre Alexander)
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationarmy officer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginQuebec, Canada
RecipientCountess of Caledon
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD2433/B/8/13: Presented by the Trustees of the Caledon Estates.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9501418
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TranscriptTo: The Earl of Caledon

Postmark: Caledon Oct 19
FREE Oct 16 1838
4* Oct 18 88

Citadel Quebec
September 11
My dear mother
I have turned out half an hour earlier to give
you a line to say that I am going off today with 30 men
to take the government of the Quarentine Island with the [ill?]
[seps?] in it is called Grope Tale and is about 50 miles down
the river. We have had races here I went to see them and though
not prepared for it I was almost compelled to ride
I had no colors [colours?] or propes drep [proper dress?] so I
nerely [nearly?] took off my waistcoat
and coat but I won the Governors cup for [Conrsy?] and the
passion Plate for Colonel White and afterwards rode Lady
Mary Lambouis house but only came in second, I was asked
to the Chateau and am in favor [favour?] there. There are
rumours of disturbances on the frontier and the people [by
aliste?] are much discontented that the rebels have been [deboff?]
so easily should there be any fighting it will cause a deal
of bloodshed as no prisoners will be taken. The cold,
weather is commencing which I am rather sorry for
as we have had such a delightful summer the
country here would be perfect at that time if it were
not that the flies are so troublesome. I have enquired
about the chairs the last ones were sold the other day
but there will soon be some more I will try and get them
from the Indians themselves as they are 100 per cent shaeper
[cheaper?] I expect Windlam [William?] will bring back buffalo
robes and deer skins if the Indians do not catch him, they are
in bad humor [humour?] with the Yankees now and kill
all strangers on that [bordless?], I understand that some
of them have been attacking General Huston in the Texas
I have made aquaintance with young Harley of the 7th
[Hupals?] he is a very nice fellow and would make a
good neighbour. [Tolleueache?] has been invalidaded
[invalidated?] by a medical board. He will most likely
go to Caledon as he intends to go to Castle Blaney
and wants to look at a house of mine that he wants to but
perhaps you will ask him to stay you will like him very
much. Poor Lambert is gone out his brother is out
here at Rivers. If you have written the letter will
be forwarded to me as there is a schooner goes to
my Island every ten days or fortnight. I have
so many little things to do before I go that my letter
must be a short one. I have to take everything every
chair rations will be allowed us but with the exception
of a small stock of bottled porter I shall be just as
badly off as the men except that they have
plenty of society which I shall not I trust
I hope that my father will continue well with best
love to him and Bell
I remain ever
your affecte [affectionate?] Son