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Title: [Lord?] Alexander Burtleigh to Earl of Caledon, James Sq.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelord caledon/162
SenderLord Caledon (James Du Pre Alexander)
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationpolitician
Sender Religionunknown
RecipientEarl of Caledon
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2433/B/8/1: Deposited by Trustees of Caledon Estate.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office of N Ireland
Doc. No.9512035
Partial Date
Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 07:12:95
Word Count308
March 24
My dear Father
The Earl of Caledon with Lord Alexander L2 [2œ?]
March 1 to 1st instalment of
My allowance due this day - 25-0-0 By last recd [received?] 15-0-0
April 22 last [recat?] [Bath?] 10-0-0
To 2nd instalment due June 1 - 25-0-0 [Jane?] of [last?] recd pr [per?] letter 15-0-0
Sept.1 to 3rd Do [ditto] due this day - 25.0.0 July at Leaminton 10-0-0
Dec 1 to 4th Do due this day - 25-0-0 Oct 27 Nov 6 Nov 17 recd 25-0-0
Dec 21 January 4 25-0-0
œ100.0.0 œ100-0-0
œ s d
To. Balance 0.0.0
March 1 to 1st instalment of my allowance due
this day - 25.0.0

Janry [January?] 4 Crd [credit?]
The money paid for journey [inside?]
places - 12.0.0
Cash received per letter March 24
- 25.0.0

œ s d
37. 0. 0
25. 0. 0
March 24 =12. 0. 0 To. [total?] Balance

I received the note today quite safe. Mr. [Lunn?] has
just got some snuff from town which he likes. Mr. Hall
is here and has been out hunting but his hounds are not
come down yet. I do not know how you get the
trousers to fit, but I will send you down a pattern for
some that I particulary wish. The quantity of wheat
ground in one hour by your watch is 50 ton therefore
that is 16 Cwt 4 Qrs I think the way that it is
done is if 1 hour grinds 50 ton what will 1 mill
multiply the second and 3rd together and divide by the
first the answer will be what you require. Excuse any
bad writing as I have now got a new style of holding
my pen at first it is awkward but soon I shall be an
excellent writer
I remain yr [your?] affecto [affectionate?] Son