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Title: John Love, Banbridge, Co Down to Robert Love, Petersburg. Va.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelove, john sr/172
SenderLove, John and Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant?
OriginBanbridge, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationPetersburg, Virginia, USA
RecipientLove, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2393/2/10: Presented by Messrs Heron & Dobson, Solicitors, Banbridge, Co Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9401056
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TranscriptDr [Dear] Robert 14A Banbridge April.16.1820.
We received your last letter
on Good Friday, and was surprized [surprised?] to find
you had only received two letters from me since you
went to America, this is the sixth one I have
wrote to you I hope you will have got the other
three before this arrives, We are all in a measure
of health at present thanks be to God. Eliza has
been poorly some time past, but is getting better
The children wishes you to tell them what sort of
diet you get in America and at what hours, The [They?]
wish also to know if you still have the black pig
in possession as you never mentioned the death of
it, or whether your provisions lasted till the end of
your voyage, and if you got all your little things
safe out of the Sagadahock, and how you spent
Christmas and Easter, and if you go often to see
Mr Murray and Mr Riddle. When Sloan went
in to live with your Grandmother we wished to have
no more intercourse with them as they had treated us
so indifferently in not telling us till the very
night they were flitting, Their land was out of lease
when Mr Seawright went away, so of course it will
be now set at a high rent, so we asked them for two
acres of the land at the high price to graze our cow
and set potatoes and if so, we would never trouble them
as long as the old woman lived supposing that should be this
fifty years, instead of complying Sloan went out and ploughed
up all the pasture land there was, to prevent us from getting
it this year, So I had to take grazing from Mr Hugh [Dum-?]
who has got his fathers old farm, we had got potatoe ground down
that road also John and I was out setting some this day, Sloan
also has been three times at Dromore striving to get the old
unjust Will to stand, so can you blame me now if I strive to
get your mother the half of the profit rent of their house
The following lines you may sing to the tune of the Boyne water.
One of the newlight Methodists
Went lately to Dromore
To get an unjust Will to stand
That was condemned before
A thing so vile would be condemned, Throughout the Turkish Nation
Yet he went there to make it stand, This proves the man a Heathen
A friend of his lives in this town, A simple Widow Woman
With *Sally luns he did her treat, And nick-nacks past the common
From preaching oft he staid at home, To read this dame a lesson
Till of her house and place he got, The peaceable possession
Things got in this clandestine way, Will never be blest to any
They,ll never yield true happiness, Or give delight to Jamey
* Sally Luns are sweetcakes made by confectionars [confectioners?]
He ploughed her land completely up, With help from belly varley
May thistles grow among his corn, And weeds through all his Barley.
To conclude whatever your circumstances may be in this world
or wherever your lot be cast, Value the Bible as your best
treasure, and whatever may be your employment, look
upon religion as your best business. The Bible contains
eternal life in it, and religion is the only way for you to
become possessed of it.
May that blest Volume ever lie
Close to your heart and never your eye
Till lifes last hour my Son engage
To read each day that sacred page
I have turned the green beds at the back door all into one
Sloan has got pat Hyland out of his Aunts by giving him the
bellows and [stained], he is now set up for himself, perhaps h[torn]
stand six months: I beg you may fulfill your engagement
for the three years with honour, be thankful that you are in
any way of doing, for trade here was never worse in my time,
there is multitudes going this year to British America from
about this place. There is no word of Mr Murray going back
we have shurts [shirts?] [----?] things ready for you which we
intend to forward the first safe hand, tell us if you have got any
cloathes [clothes?] since you went there, or if you had any
money left when you got to Petersburg or if you be due any
thing but gratitude to Mr Murray, tell us also if Mrs Peters
has any children The garden and trees are coming on well Mr
Seawrights garden is now turned into four, send some letters
by your Uncle in Liverpool to us, May every blessing attend you
spiritual and temporal so prays your Loving Father
John Love
My P. I wrote to you some time ago I hope you have
got that letter I told you in it that I have
chainged [changed?] my life I beg you to right [write?] to me as
often as you can that I may send the letters to your father
Direct to me, care of Mr John Goodwin Strand Str. [Street?]
No 58 Liverpool We are all well We all
join in love to you wishing every blessing
I remain your loving Uncle R Love
Mr Robert Love
Petersburg Virginia
care of Mr Murry [Murray?] Marchant [Merchant?]
6 Fathers
1 April 1820