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Title: Robert Love, Petersburg, Va. to John Love, Banbridge.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelove, robert (nephew)/84
SenderLove, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant?
OriginPetersburg, Virginia, USA
DestinationBanbridge, Co. Down, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceT 2393/2/4B: Presented by Messrs Heron & Dobson, Solicitors, Banbridge, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9006248
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptPetersburg Virginia 1819

I promised before I left you that I would give
you a full account of every thing [everything?] that happened
during the Voyage and when I got here I had
no time the first letter as I had only been about an
hour here when I wrote it I will give you now [---?]
[----?] that I think will be interesting to you just as it
On Sat 22d May I came on Board in the even[faded] [evening?] and the
next morning about nine O Clock we weighed anchor and
set sail with the Pilot on board and some of the Passengers
coming down the River in Boats we were all mustered
and them that was not going with left us a little below
Carrick in the evening we got to the mouth of the Lough
we were for two or three days becalmed in the Channel and
knocking about one way or other we [faded] the Mull of
Cantire [Kintyre?] in Scotland and several Scotch [islands?] we pass'd
near the Giants Causeway and on the 26th took our Departure
from Enistrihall [Inishtrahull?] Island a few days after we got out it
blew a severe gale from the South [faded] 4th June
we spoke the Higson of Cork from [Norfolk?] with Saml [Samuel?] Riddle
on Board only 16 Days out in Lat [Latitude?] 51 [?] Long [Longitude?]
20 [?]

On the 12 We were Becalmed the sea was smooth as
Glass in the evening [we?] seen seen something ru-ling
the Water at a great distance as it [approached?] nearer we
discovered a great many porpoises sporting themselves
and leaping a great height out of the Water they can
Close to the Ships side and then turned and went of [off?]
at a great rate in the evening a fast Breeze sprang
up from the East at night the sea seemed as if on
fire numerous dolphins and other fish Sporting about
the Ship all night
Sunday 13 This was a Beautiful Morning the Breeze
had increaced [increased?] a little, there was no swell to
retard our progress all our sails was set and we seemed
as if to fly over the Water
On the 23d We tryed for Soundings on the great Bank
of Newfoundland but did not get any We spoke
a Dutch ship from the Havanna [Havana?] in the Island of
Cuba for Amsterdam in Long [Longitude?] 49 W [West?] Lat [Latitude?] 44 N
[North?] the next day we spoke the Albion from [Charstown?] for Liverpool
21 Days out she was belonging to New York
On 23rd We got soundings in 100 Fathoms there was a
fine Breeze and a great fog we could hardly see the
length of the Ship we had to keep a good look
out for ice or for fear of running foul of the fishermen
in the morning the fog cleared off and we
we found ourselves amongst a fleet of French
fishermen we would if it had continued surely
ran foul of some of them we were now wishing for
a Calm to get Wishing for a Calm to get fishing a
little but as soon as we got over the Banks out of
the fishing Ground we got a Calm when we did
not want it
July 5th Spoke the Brig from St. Johns Cape Sable Bearing
W-N [West by North?] Distance 22 Leagues
July 9th Spoke the Brig Navigator from Jamaica for Quebec
loaded with Rum and Sugar the Rats had eat holes
in their Water Casks and spilt it all they were on an
allowance of 1/2 pint per day their Carpenter could not stand
it and had leaped overboard a day or two before and
Drowned himself we gave them 2 Casks of Water the
Captain was an Irishman he made us accept of some
rum from him
On Saturday [17?] we got the Pilot on Board and on Sunday
Morning 19th I spied land we got in to the Bay about
1 O Clock