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Title: Robert Love, Petersburg, Va to his parents, Banbridge.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelove, robert (nephew)/92
SenderLove, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant?
OriginPetersburg, Virginia, USA
DestinationBanbridge, Co. Down, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceT 2393/2/4A: Presented by Messrs Heron & Dobson, Solicitors, Banbridge, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9405163
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TranscriptPetersburg Virginia Aug 20th 1819

My Dear Parents
I sent you a letter dated the 1st June by a
Vessel for London I had only been here a few moments
when I wrote it so I could not be very explicit [every?]
thing that happened particular you will get here.

On Sat 22nd May I came on Board in the Evening and on
the next morning about 9 O Clock weighd anchor and set
sail with a light pleasant breeze the Prospect of the [----gious?]
Shores together with a great many boats sailing down
the Bay after us conspired to enchant the sight we were
becalmed all day on Monday in the Channel however on
Tuesday a breeze sprang up we passed Mull of Cantire [Kintyre?] in
Scotland several other small Scotch Islands Rathlin Island
Ireland Giants Causeway and finaly [finally?] on the 26th took our
departure from Enistrehul [Inishtrahull?] Island and So we began our Voyage
through the Sable floods.

I told you in my last I got into the Cabin and I was very
glad at it for the Steerage was by no means a comfortable
place Most of the passengers having left their sea legs & stomachs on land
vomited and stumbled about most grieviously I was as well
on Sea as ever I was in my life we had scarcely been a week
out when we experienced a very heavy Gale a Sea which
broke over our Quarter knocked the Hen Coops from their lashing
I was sitting on one and it had nearly sent me overboard
The [Lega--hock?] was a miserable Sailer [Sailor?] and her passage a
tedious one her Cargo which was of salt made her strain
terribly with rolling she seemed to be fitted out by the
Parish there was not rope on Board strong enough to hang
a Cat with. There was only one suit of Sails and after being
out 5 weeks we split our foresail we had to do without one
till it was mended.

The first week of the passage it was very pleasent [pleasant?] but as
the novelty wore away we got tired of looking constantly
at sky and water and as we had nothing to Employ our
selves at.
"Full rolled the hours and tedious hung the Day "

On the [4th?] June spoke the Higson of Cork with Saml [Samuel?] Riddle on
Board on the 21st spoke a Dutch Vessel on the 22nd spoke
the Albion of N. [New?] York from Charstown for Liverpool
on the 23rd we got Soundings on the Great Bank of Newfoundland
we passed through a fleet of French fishermen
at Anchor we [hove?] to a little to try to catch Some but
we were unsuccessful We Spoke the Brig Navigator from
Jamacia [Jamaica?] for Quebec loaded with rum and Sugar the
rats had eat holes in their water Casks and lost all their water
One of their men had drowned himself for want of it they had
only about 15 Gal [Gallons?] on Board among 10 of them we gave them
two Casks for which they were very thankful their Captain is
an Irishman.

On the 17 we got the Pilot on Board and on Sunday the
18th I rose early and as I seen our sailors was lazy
about looking out for Land I thought I would take
a peep myself I went up and was so fortunate as
to get a sight of it once more we got into the [-----?]
2 O Clock.

On the passage we caught 2 porpoises Several Dolphins and
a large Sunfish whose Skin was like a file the Dolphins
was elegant fish and good eating I seen I suppose
above 20 whales they are a terrible size

Every place you go in this Country you will see [torn]
but [torn]tinued woods
[torn] woods of every Vigourous Green
[torn] above [Stage?] high waving oer [over?] the hills
And to the far horrizon [horizon?] wide diffused
A boundless deep immensity of Shade

We sailed up the Bay in Company with a great many
vessels we had to be at the fort for the Doctors inspection
a [?] [?] [?] and with light breeze sailed up
to the town We moored our Vessel to one of the wharfes
and I rejoiced to find myself on a kindred shore

On going to the Bay a young man from Dungannon
named [Mr?] Clarke and I having [stuck?] a fish
called a skate with the harpoon we were hauling
it up when suddenly he left me I did not know
any thing [anything?] was the matter when I got it up and had
given it to the sailors to cut up. I went down into
the cabin and I found all of them about Mr Clarke
the fish had stung him in the knee I never [?]
[?] [?] so much [torture?] for the time he got
better, the next day but I really thought for a while
he would have died we seen 8 or 9 elegant Large
Steamboats going up the Bay and I counted at [?]
view 44 Sails. I send this p [per?] Mr [Cammon?] he will be going
over again in a month so you can send a whole bundle of Letters
with him every vessel coming to the united States you may send
[?] with the farthest post will only be 25 Cents postage

Baltimore is a most Beautiful City There are some
Elagant [Elegant?] Buildings in it the streets all
along are lined with Poplar trees on the
Borders of the Flags the [they?] keep the sun of you
and has a beautiful appearance they [the?] People
are Fonder of the poplar here than any
other tree there was a great fire one
of the nights I was here in some torpentine [turpentine?]
works as soon as got here our sailors
all left the Ship and was driving about the
City in Coaches all the time I was here
The City is I think about 3 times as large
as Belfast contains 80 thousand inhabitants
and has a great deal of Shipping

The Fort is about a mile out of town
and the most beautiful Situation about it
it commands a view of the whole river
I expect soon to get a place in Petersburg Mr Murray
is seeing about one for me
I will send another letter enclosed in this
one to let you know how I got to Petersburg

I had no time to write another letter after this
as I intended as he is going away sooner [than I?]
expected I left Baltimore on Sunday Morning and arrived
here on Sat morning July 31st being just 10 weeks on
my journey Mr Murray [stained] here just a week
after Mr Riddle & Mr Murray has been uncommonly
kind to me I must ever feel the warmest Gratitude to
them for their Kindness to me they treat me not as a Stranger
but as a friend times are very dull here indeed every person
is complaining No person should come out here that is
not a good trade Shomakers [Shoemakers?] tailors Carpenters
are the best business here you will pay 3 Dol [Dollars?] for a
pair of Good Shoes and leather not dear but very bad 18 Dol [Dollars?]
for making a Coat Sometimes more Carpenter has from 1 1/2
to 2 Dollars pay I never [torn] better health than here
but weather is uncommonly [torn] and the [?] [?] Chances
have a liking to a Drop of Fresh European blood you
see how long a letter I have written
I have no [room?] to say any more but
to remember me to all my Friends
& may Good bless you all
Robert Love

[addressed to:]
Mr John Love
County Down