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Title: Robert Love, Banbridge to William Fisher, Petersburg, Va.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelove, robert (nephew)/206
SenderLove, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationruns a grocery, glass and earthenware business
Sender ReligionProtestant?
OriginBanbridge, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationPetersburg, Virginia, USA
RecipientFisher, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2393/2/46: Presented by Messrs Heron & Dobson, Solicitors, Banbridge, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9405174
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TranscriptBanbridge Down Ireland
Sunday 18th October 1840
Mr Wm [William?] F Fisher
Petersburg Va [Virginia?]

My Dear William

I received your letter of 10 Jany
last on the 10th of February and sent you an
answer sometime in March since when, I have not
received any answer in return although I have been
long anxiously looking out for one.
Lest you should not have received my letter
of which I now begin to be afraid. I will briefly
[s-a-e?] to you some of the contents of it.
I mentioned first how glad I felt that at least
one of my old friends in Va [Virginia?] had not forgotten that
such a being as RL [Robert Love?] had once lived amongst them and
how rejoiced I was to see your name annex'd to the
letter - and that you were still an inhabitant of this lower
Death I perceive has been very busy in Petersburg
as well as in Ireland. I need not here repeat how
greived [grieved?] I was at hearing of our mutual Friends decease
I felt surprize [surprise?] that it was so lately as from his long
Silence his freinds [friends?] here thought he had been dead this long
I have seen George`s Brother James and his sister
often since - they both promised to write but I suppose
they have hardly taken Courage for such an undertaking
as yet however they are anxious to hear of Mr [McQuid?]
are often making enquiries from me - if [Mrs?] Mahood
would write to my care I would see any
letter safe delivered - his Brother Alexr [Alexander?] is in England.
James has made money and has lately laid out a good
deal of money on a new farm - his father and mother
are long since dead.
I would request you (as I did in my last) to offer
my kindest sympathies to [Mrs?] Mahood on her bereavement and
that I feel accutely [acutely?] for her loss - remember me also to
Miss Jane I believe she is a namesake of mine and
let her know that I have a claim on her. I
am happy to here that [Mrs?] Mahood is not ill provided
for and that she is amongst friends who will watch
over her welfare give my love and good wishes to all
the family and let [Mrs?] M. [Mahood?] know that it would give me
great gratifaction [gratification?] if she would send me a letter.
I also requested you in that letter to give my
best respects to Elenora Peters or [Mrs?] Orr and to Miss [Allertum?]
[Mrs?] Orr will recollect me - I would wish them well on
their Mothers account - whom I wil never forget - also to
[?] [?] I know of Mr Riddles death long since - remember
me also to old Mr Hannon if convenient - and now to your
own people Betsy Andrews twice married - is it possible [?]
poor Wm [William?], (but let bygones &c) when you get this go and give
her a kiss from me she will changed indeed if she
refuses when I send her one so far. it will bring old
times to your recollections and set you all a thinking &
talking of me, (I wish I was amongst you all a few
days) I recollect the old house in Blandford the Sunday
evenings walks - the room and picture of John Wesley -
all are fresh as yesterday in my memory. I am sorry
to hear [?] [Mrs?] Ms [Mahood's?] sister is not in good
circumstances send my love to her - and my good wishes
for her welfare and happiness remember me in the
kindest manner to Cousin Susan I perceive by her
keeping my gift she has not forgetten [forgotten?] me - neither
have I forgot her - you did not tell me who
she was married too - I am sorry to hear the [that?] J Mathews
is away I feel still a friendly recollection of him
and hope he is well

# do you think I might trust you with a kiss for her and let her know
it is not the first I gave her.

I am truly rejoiced to hear that you are comfortably
fixed in life may your family be a comfort and a
happiness to you through life and may the remainder of
it be the best you have yet seen
Remember me in a kind manner to your mother
and [W-?] Wolff and to your sisters if living you do not
mention them I however have not forgotten them
present my respects to [Mrs?] F [Fisher?] and to young Mr Fisher.
And now Dr Wm [Dear William?] may I request you to write
to me soon your letters to me will be peculiarly
welcome reviving as they will old feelings
and recollections which although sometimes melancholy
are pleasing - I love to think of old acquaintances
to bring back old scenes to my recollection and to
live (if I may so speak) these times over again.
I have as you may guess yourself have had
some trials to bear since I saw you but I suppose
not more than generally falls to the lot of humanity
I was married in 1835 has 3 children John 4 years
and 5 months old Elenor Jane 3 and Prudence 1 year
I live in my Grandfathers old dwelling - I carry on
the Grocery business - and sells Glass & Earthenware - and
thank providence I have no reason to complain - but
great cause for thankfulness to him who has led
and provided for me so far. I can truly say
with the [?] that "goodness and mercy has followed
me all the days of my life"- may I feel grateful.
Let me know in your next when your rail
roads [railroads?] come in to your town or where their terminus
is are they doing well we have one at Belfast to
Lisburn doing a great Business and yet not paying
overly well - spinning factories are now increasing
greatly in Ireland particulary in this place & Belfast
and trade is not bad - the Harvest here is nearly
secured in safely - the repeal agitation is going
on here but I think will soon come to nothing it
is all confined to one party and all sensible men keeps
aloof from it even of that party. Our relations in the
East both with China and [Mah-nat?] Ali are warlike and
if France enters into the war may be serious but I
trust France may be directed by wise Counsellors so
that she will not needlessly and foolishly rush into
a war with the other powers - however appearances
are gloomy at present
And now Dear Wm [William?] farewell again if you knew
how happy it would make me to establish a regular correspondence
with you I know you would agree to it at any rate when
you receive this write - form some regular plan as to the
time each of us should write and the number of letters in
the year and for my part I will try not to fail
May God bless and make you happy here and
happy with him hereafter is the prayer of
your affectionate friend
Robert A Love

I was not invited to Queen Victoria`s wedding but I nevertheless
sent you a peice [piece?] of the bride's Cake in my last letter but I
am afraid you have received neither
RL [Robert Love?]

[addressed to:]
Mr Wm [William?] F. Fisher
Farmers Bank