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Title: Alexander Lowry, Pittsburgh USA, to Parents, Co Donegal.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filelowry, alexander/18
SenderLowry, Alexander
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburgh, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Donegal, Ireland
RecipientAndrew Lowry and wife
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceT.2018/3: Copied by Permission of Miss K Lowry, Argrey, Raphoe, Co. Donegal. #TYPE EMG Alexander Lowry, Pittsburgh, U.S.A., to His Father and Mother in Donegal. 25th August 1856.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8809075
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptPittsburgh August 25th 1856

Dear Father and Mother I sit down with great
pleasure to answer your request. I have heard
many time from people that come from your
part of the country of you getting along and about
you been all well which give always a great
deal of pleasure for my part. I enjoyed the best
of helth [health?] ever since I came into this country thanks
be to god I had two deaths in my family Andrew
come to his death by a fall of a tree about twenty
yards from over our door he was dead four or five
hours before his mother found him he went out in good
health there was a hole at the foot of the tree where he
was laying and it was very hard to see him it
was a hard time to his mother when she found
him I was at my work at the time he was
my second child and oldest boy he
was six years past very large of his age he was
about the finest boy you ever saw the man that
made his coffin thought he was about 12 years of
age he was so big the other little boy his name
was John he was 18 months old when he died
with the scarlet fever he was another fine boy
they all look like the Lowrie's white headed
and white skin we have four yet Marthew
James Robert and Jean Campbell Lowrie. Jean
is five week old and all in good health
if I should not be a head of my father my
other way I am a head in that point having
two daughters I did not get word about Mr
Hamelton getting a letter till about 3 weeks ago
I was over in Allaganny [Allegheny?] seeing Mr Hamelton
one sunday and I got all the news I was away
from home all winter I was down south Black
Smithing all down through the slave states
I was hired in Pittsburgh at 50 dollars per month
and my board I was 6 months away I had a
very pleasant trip I was working on a flat boat all
the time I had a chance to see the cotton and
sugar growing all the work done by slaved
negroes and mules I was away one winter before
I was in New Orleans that is 21 hundred miles
from Pittsburgh I am working farmery work at
a 11 dollars per week many a time I think on
my Father when he use to tell me that I never
would be a tradesman there are very few that
can beat me now I think it would be a very
pleasant trip for Andrew to come over to see us all
he can go & come very quick now the best
business in this country is farming now & we are getting
this country all full of sale [?]
and farmers can sell every thing just at home
and get three prices be what they got when
I come in here I wish when you write again
you would give me John & sister Ann directions
the way that I can write they never send me a
letter I am all ways [always?] in Pittsburgh I have been
living in a house that I built my self this 7 years
I have a large home with 6 apartments and send
word how you are all getting allong [along?] I want to hear
how Manny & her family is getting along I wish
they were all in here they could make a good
liveing [living?] if you would send the 2 oldest boys I
could get them good trades that they never would
depend on any person they can get as much as keep
them the time they are leaving there trade eat drink
and work as well as any man in your Country
and if Jinnet is not married I will send for
her James Kindman & his mother & sister are all
well Margaret Laferty & her sister are all well Mary Gormley is in a
very poor state in the poor house Marthew was up here to see to get her
home with her but she could not do anything with her she is altogether
out of her head write as soon as you get this letter and let me know
how you are all getting along mention about Uncle & aunt Blackburn & Robt
Blare and his sisters I wish I had a month beside you all I would keep
you from sleeping over. Marthew is always talking about going over to
Ireland to see her grandmother that she was named after No more at present
But remain your affectionate beside
Son till Death
Alex Lowrie
I am sending a little of Andrews hair and a little of James & Roberts &
Marthews. Andrews is plated James tied with a thread and Roberts with a
knot Marthew is [loose?] I hope when This letter gets your length It will
find you all in good health Agnes & me send over best Respect to you all.