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Title: James Mackey, New York to "Dear father and Mother"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemackey, james/17
SenderMackey, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
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TranscriptNew York
August 18th 1856

Dear father and Mother we take the oportunity
[opportunity?] of sending you those few lines
hoping they will find you all in good health as
this leaves us all at present thank god for all his
Mercies to us dear father and mother the last letter
igot [I got?] from you was on Easter Saturday 12
[Months?] ago isent [I sent?] 2 letters afterwards
but inever [I never?] got any answer from you
since that time and we think it very odd we have left
Williamsburg and is [sic] living in new york at present
dear father and Mother I suppose you all think we
have forgot Ellin [Ellen?] since we have not sent
for her as we promised to you but you must
considder [consider?] dear father whead [what?]
agreat [a great?] deal of trouble to come through
in astrange [a strange?] country [country?] as we
had no home to come to but thank god we have
got acomfortable [a comfortable?] home
and when Ellin [Ellen?] comes she will not have
to goto [go to?] any strangers house as we had
to do whitch [which?] is Very expensive in this
Dear father you can tell Ellin [Ellen?]
she will get the money to bring her out in 7
weeks from this day and tell she would have
got the money long ago had she awrote [written?]
to us and tell her to make herself ready and will
give her

[page 2]
all particulars in the next When we send the
dear father and Mother James is still on the
steamboat going to savannah and is in good
hialth [health?] andas [and as?] big as ever
and he says he would not live at home if
they would give him afree [a free?]
farm to live on dear father and mother
Mary Jane is our only child and she avery
find [is a very fine?] little girl’ she will be
as big as James himself in six Month more
you must write by the turn ofpost [of post?]
and let us know how you are all getting
on isaw [I saw?] francis darby and sophia
on Sunday they are all in god [good?] health
My cousin george Smith is in new york and
he comes to see us 2 or 3 times awek
[a week?] he is in good health and is getting
on well and they all send their Kind love to
you all and hopes you are all well
James sends his kind love to his Uncles and
aunts and hopes they are all well and all
Enquiring friends

George Smith sends his love to Mary
Sophia and Ellin [Ellen?] and William and to
you all he wants to know if you would be so good as
see [sic] how Jane Smith is getting on in downpatrick
and ask her if she would like to come to me
[crossed out] george and he [superscript] would send
for her as She would
do well here

[Page 3]

When you Write direct your
letter Mr James Mackey 123 West 12th Street
newyork [New York?] america between 5 and 6
avanue [crossed out]
No More at present

But Remains your Effectionate [Affectionate?]

Son and daughter James Mackey and Jane

Mary Jane sends 20 kisses to her aunt

[Hand B]
Mr James Mackey
123 West 12th Street next 5 & 6 avenue
New york

[in pencil ]
Mr James Mackey
123 West 12th St Between [?] 5 & 6 Avenue
New York