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Title: George Mahood, Baltimore to Robert Love, Petersburg, Va.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemahood, george/98
SenderMahood, George
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant (Methodist?)
OriginBaltimore, Maryland, USA
DestinationPetersburg, Virginia, USA
RecipientLove, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2393/2/9: Presented by Messrs Heron & Dobson, Solicitors, Banbridge, Co. Down.
ArchiveT 2393/2/9: Presented by Messrs Heron & Dobson, Solicitors, Banbridge, Co. Down.
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TranscriptBaltimore January 26th 1820

Mr Robert Love
Respected friend

Your very kind, affectionate, welcome letter,
[per?] Favour, Mr Tufts: I have received, and am happy to understand
you have procured a situation, so much to your liking - I am, not
at all surprized [surprised?], that you considered it, almost impossible
to live, in this Country, with any kind of satisfaction. When surrounded
by strangers, we cannot enjoy the same social converse, as with our
intimate friends, but, if we are strangers: and have not that confidence
in them: we had in our former associates, we will not be always in
this deplorable situation; you know it would be unreasonable to
expect the same friendship, attention & respect from Strangers, we
would from our friends and acquaintances but as soon as a young
man is known to be steady and Correct, I am persuaded, he will
find, that Americans are not wanting, in Politeness, Hospitality, civility
&c, in Common with other civilized Countries.
If I promised to write you - I must Certainly have forgot such
a promise as my impression was, that you were to write first.
I cannot give you any information respecting Mr Standfield -
I Received 2 letters from Father, on the 6th december last. He
mentions John Lavery's marriage and a number of other trifling
circumstances. But not a word respecting your fathers family -
I suppose they were all well, otherwise he would mention it, as
he does not omit even small things -
According to your request, I waited on Miss McWilliam & Family.
They were glad to hear of your good fortune, and requested to be
remembered to you. -
Ephraim Searight, went on to Bedford, to his Brother there, and
has opened Store, within 8 miles of Bedford, at a place called [Bloodyrun?]
His address is E. S. Bloodyrun near Bedford Pa. [Pennsylvania?]
Thro [through?] the tender mercy of the Great God I was preserved in health
during our late visitation, my health has been extremely good, ever
since the excessive heat subsided, many are the mercies & blessings I
enjoy: but Oh, how ungrateful, how unthankful am I - Dr [Dear?] Robert.
I have been conversant with sin, folly, and Pleasure, But the things
I once loved are now an abomination to me. I find that there
is nothing in this vain delusive world, abstract from the peace of
[God?] enjoyed in the soul, that can satisfy the cravings of an immortal
spirit, I am convinced heaven is worth a striving for; and if ever I
reach that peaceful shore, I will certainly raise a high note in ascribing
Salvation, Glory, Honour, & praise, to God & the Lamb for ever
You must certainly know that there is a glorious reality in the
religion of JESUS try to know it experimentally for yourself
live for Heaven - God will bless you - wishing you heavenly
wisdom, divine Knowledge, a holy, useful & happy life, I remain
with sincere regards: your unworthy Countryman
and friend
Geo [George?] Mahood
excuse Haste
Please write again by first oppy. [opportunity?]

[Sender:] Geo [George?] Mahood
26 Jan. 1820
Balt. [Baltimore?]

[Addressee:] Mr Robert Love
Petersburg Va. [Virginia?]
p [per?] favour Mr Tufts

recd [received?] 2d Feby