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Title: George Mahood, Baltimore to Robert Love, Petersburg, Va.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemahood, george/109
SenderMahood, George
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant (Methodist?)
OriginBaltimore, Maryland, USA
DestinationPetersburg, Virginia, USA
RecipientLove, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2393/2/15: Presented by Messrs Heron & Dobson, Solicitors, Banbridge, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9405166
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TranscriptBaltimore September 4th 1820

Mr. Robert Love

Your favour of 16th Ult announcing the
Death of your very worthy and esteemed friend Mr. Jas [James?] Murray came
duly to hand and would have been answered before this only I expected
to hear from you again by Mr. Tufts as anticipated by you at the time
you wrote last.
The death of Mr. Murray was so unexpected that for a long
time past, I do not recollect any circumstance that awakend [awakened?] the
same sensations feelings & exercises in my mind, and in my meditations I can
say I have participated with you in your sorrow, I could not but feel for
your Situation, and sensibly too. Well might you say that in him you
lost a Father, Counsellor, & Brother, for I am convinced, Your interest
comfort, & happiness, lay near to his heart, and had it pleased the just
Governor of the universe to spare him a little longer, I am persuaded
he would have done, more for you than entertained any idea of -
But, Oh, My Dear Young Friend how uncertain, how transitory, how unstable
are all things here below, even "Man Dieth, yea he giveth up the ghost, and
where is he", we may look around and certain circumstances may
[spring?] to our remembrance, that such an one once lived, but alas
he is gone - yea clean gone forever, but one consideration should at [such?]
[?], have a very exalted place in our own minds, namely. We too [must?]
[?] - this common debt must be paid by all - but all cannot meet their [?]
[?] with the same firmness, for the chamber, where the good man meets,
his fate is priviliged beyond the common walk of virtuous life, quite [on?]
the verge of Heaven. To die - To live forever - and to live the life of [?]
should be the ultimate object of all rational intelligencies
In the death of Mr. Murray, your loss must be great but
I would charitably, hope he is made a great gainer thereby, and [as?]
mankind are social beings, each desiring to have some trusty friend, in
whom they may confide, and as you have lost one such - allow me to
recommend to you, a friend - yes a friend - a constant, unchangeable,
affectionate, steady, warm, loving, kind friend, that will never leave nor
forsake those who cultivate an acquaintance with him - this friend, is a
friend, that sticketh closer than a Brother - and they that trust in him shall
not want - an affectionate Father, a wise counsellor, a kind benifactor
[benefactor?], a constant Friend. In short they shall not want any good thing,
Oh my Dear Friend, time is short - eternity is at hand - death may be at the
door - seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near,
Give him your heart, he will bless you, he will save you - you shall be happy
unless you say, as one of old said "go thy way for this time, at a more
convenient season I will send for thee", dont be so ungrateful
as to treat my friend so, oh no let it be the language of your
heart day and night, Come Lord Jesus come quickly, dwell in
make me thy child - be thou my Father for I have none else
here but thee this friend that I recommend is the strangers guide
also dont you want one, you may engage him quite easily, for
he has been soliciting to do you good - he is a sure guide you need
not be afraid only take his directions and you will not go astray
meditate on his law seek him by constant, earnest, fervent prayer,
He will pour out his Spirit on you - you shall know the truth &
the truth will make you free.
The letter I wrote was of very little importance, I meerely [merely?]
[overheard?] the man say as he walked upstreet that he was going to
Petersburg and asked him would he have the goodness to take charge of a
[letter?] for me, which he acceded to
Miss McWilliam requested me to remember her & her Brothers
& Sisters to you, they are all well, Miss McWm [McWilliam?] was very much
affected when I read your letter, she is a tender hearted good
young woman - I am on a very great hurry and having
delayed writing so long I began to be ashamed
of my conduct - you will therefore excuse my [scribble?]
and believe me to remain your sincere friend
& Country man Geo [George?] Mahood

[addressed to:]
Mr Robert Love
at Messrs Peters & Tufts

Geo. [George?] Mahood
4 Sept. 1820
Balt. [Baltimore?]