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Title: Martha [Pozintore ?] Philadelphia To "My Dear Sister".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
Recipient Genderfemale
ArchiveCentre For Migration Studies
Doc. No.302003
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count528
TranscriptPhiladelphia August 22 1867

My dear sister
I received your welcome
letter in due time dated 4th
I received it while on a western
visit at [Mr?] Simpson Alleghany
[Allegheny?] Mrs Simpson Ann King
recolects [recollects?] every field
[there?] on the old place,loves to
talk about the neighbours especially
brother Wm [William?] she has only
one son I should not be suprised if
the [they?] would visit Irland
[Ireland?] next summer he is anxious
to see his Father,and Ann her aunt Jane Clark
if alive,the [they?] are in easy sircumstance
[circumstance] lives very well, exceedingly
kind I spent two weeks with [W?] [Jeffers?]
[Eaton?] the [they?] moved to Ohio 3 years ago
has a very nice farm 200 acres
for 5 hundred sheep which
is very profitable stock in Ohio
I only stoped [stopped?] one week with
them,the [they] sent a great deal of
love to you & all the family
the [they] were very unwilling to let
me off, but I had stoped [stopped?]
3 weeks with Mrs Simpson [&?]
Mrs Eaton I thought six week [weeks?]
was long enough from home
it has rained nearly all the
time since I got home which
makes it very unplesant
to do any thing Charles [&?]
James Gilland is very well
off,for farmers but I would
not call them wealthy Mary
is worth about £700 the [they] are
much better off than her
but I would not live where
the [they] do for 2 years for all
the [they] have got Mr Eaton place
cost £2000 the [they] paid one half
thinks the [they] will be able to clear in 5 years
I think the [they] have made a good move
a fine brick house with everything more
comfortable than the old place,[two sons?
[&?] two daughters at home the youngest
son educating for the Ministry
Daniel [I fancy?] as kind as ever
I could [scarce?] get off sends [bushels?]
of love to you all I stoped [stopped?] on my
way coming back to see George
McGee spent one night with
them he has a nice wife & 4
or 5 children lives comfortable
I next went up the [Ponichala?]
river on a steamboat to [Greene?]
County to see friends Gillands
Charles and Mary lives alone
they cried with joy to see me
the [they?] are two miles from a village
[named?] Carmichael town
[James?] lives 3 miles from them
married 8 years has a wife but
not children the [they?] are all in good

My dear sister I am very
sorry your health improves
so slowly but God knows
what is best for us I wrote
you & sister Betty before I went
west which I hope you received
dont trouble about any thing
it only injures our health
and does us no good,be [content?]
May McClelland has been poorly
Robert McConoughy is well
Thomas Patton is well
Hugh Loughlin [Rankin?] is well
[Marcus?] Patton wife [Caty?] is well
Mrs [D-----?] [is?] [well?]
[Miss?] [Hunters?] is [well?]
Mrs James Linsey is well
My love to all my brothers [sisters?]
Nephews & Nieces all[my?]
friends who enquire after me
Mrs Paul [Caroline Gunnell?] [&?] family is well
From Your Loving Sister
Martha [Pozintore?]

Transcribed by Gordon Drummond