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Title: John McBride, Watertown to James McBride, Derriaghy.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcbride, john/7
SenderMcBride, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationweaver
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWatertown, NY, USA
DestinationLisburn, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientMcBride, James Jr
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2613/5: Copied by Permission of Mrs Emily McLister, Mosside Cottage, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007099
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Word Count1905
TranscriptDear Brother Watertown April 29th 1821

Your Letter of Christmas day I did not get till the
11th of this Month, I suppose the rough Winter Weather had
detained it so long, I got one from J [John?] Craig with yours
On the 3d of Feby I got one from John Craig dated October 23d
it came by Charleston, I dont know the reason that Letters are
so much longer coming than they used to be but suppose it
is owing to the Inclemency of the Weather I shall pass over
the contents of J: [John?] Craigs Letter as I intend to write to him next
Month and confine myself to yours which has Given me so
much Satisfaction - This leaves me in Good health as Usual
I hope it will find you all in the Same as you say in Yours
that your Father & Sisters are well All Praise and Thanks are
due to that Great and Good Being who supports & takes care of
us all in the greatest Dangers - You say I should write more
regular but it is Just the same way with me as with Yourself I
wrote to Wm [William?] Phillips & John Craig 29th Octor and waited from Month
to Month till now before I got an Ansr [Answer?] and I think it strange that
they had not got them when you wrote as I sent them with the Man
I work for to N:Y: [New York?] who put them in a Ship bound he said to Belfast
but I have said enough about Letters I shall now commence on
my own Affairs I still stop where I was in my last and am still
Weaving but I am at Preasent [Present?] Weaving another kind it is wove with
Eight [treadles?] and is almost like an 8 [oz?] twill but the weave is turned
in a zig zag way thus [diagram] the Warp is White & Blue Weft is it a Good
Job but Perhaps wont continue long it is intended for Summer dress
for Men and will do for Winter Dress for Women my reason for trying
it was that it would bring my hand to Weave other kinds I can now
Weave Diaper which is a very Profitable work here as there are not
many who Understand it I am pd [paid?] 12 Cents per Yd [Yard?] Clear of every
thing [everything?] & if I work hard I can earn two Dollars p [per?] Day but
with ease I can make a Dol & half [Dollar and a half?] that is 7/6 Sterling

XXXXX I began this Page at the wrong End
The beginning of Winter an attempt was made to reduce our
price but we stuck together and they could not get it manged [managed?]
we are a Peaceable set of Men and they know that if they Part
with us they'll have trouble in getting so many steady Men again
& we are all determined to flee before we take less for our Work
and we now get out Board for less than we formerly did we pay
8s 9d Sterling [per?] Week - You say you dont know whether my Cousin
John will come this season or not and I would have been Glad
if he had come when I encouraged him as I would have had
no trouble then in getting him Work and since that time
all the hands that could be employed have got Work and
if John does come now it might cost me some trouble to get
him Employ [Employment?] and I dont know if I could get him in at all
he is the only one I ever encouraged and as I did so he
shall not want a Friend if he comes to me and dont think
I blame you for sending any one [anyone?] to me I do not [but?] you
cannot help Peoples tongue when they come here -
Wm [William?] Hoop has got Work here him and his Family are
Well he knows nothing of his Brother John they Parted in
Quebec - I dont think that the Accounts I sent home were
sufficient to encourage any one [anyone?] to come here be this as it
may I am determined to write the TRUTH not caring
what any one [anyone?] may think of it and I again Repeat it that
if this Country was like Ireland I would not stay here at all
but it is far different Indeed the time are called hard
here and I beleive [believe?] they are so compared to what they have
been but they are still so that a man can do very Well
Providing he be Industrious, I never in any of my Letters
boasted of what I have but I am sure if I had stopped in Ireland
till the end of my Days I would not have had as much as I will have
in a Few Years -
but it is not every one [everyone?] that fits this Country a Great many
think if they can only get to America all their trouble is done
when in Fact it is only beginning, but it never has been [?]
I was very sorry when I heard that you had Double Postage to pay
for my last Letter but you shall not have to pay so much again as
I wont put a Ship in any more of nor dont you in any of mine your
last altho'[although?] not Double I had to pay Double for on Account of the
bulk it was thick Paper and they thought it was Double but if I had open'd
it in the Office they could not have charged me for it _ but I dont care
how large a sheet you write on as they cant charge me for it if I
open it in the Office however the Postage here is but a trifle to what
it is in Ireland - For 20 Miles at under 6 Cents from 20 to 100 12 1/2 Cents
from 150 to 400 Nineteen cents and for 400 [faded]
so that 25 Cents will pay for a Letter from the one End of the States to the
other In my Letter to Wm [William?] Phillips I spoke freely of the Government
of this Country & Perhaps he will be offended but I spoke the plain TRUTH
I said then that the Army of the United States was 8,000 Men but
[torn] is reduced to 6,000 and I am sure what one Sinecurist
[torn] would Pay All the Great Officers of this Country the [torn]
[torn] Dollar a Year the Governor of this State 4000 Judges of [torn]
Supreme Court 3000 Members of the Assembly for the State [torn]
their Pay to 3 Dol: [Dollars?] [per?] day they used to have 4 the Debt of the
States is 70 Millions of Doll: [Dollars?] of which they pay 10 millions a year
not like the Debt of G: [Great?] Britain which is always Growing more - And a
law passed two or three years ago for building 12 Line of Battle Ships of which
they have 4 or 5 Finished they are to be named after the States that is the
Ohio the Delaware the South Carolina &tc: there is no doubt but the Country
will rise to a height of Power such as the World never saw - there are now 24
States and there are new ones rising in the Western Country every year
Spain also has Ceded the Floridas to the States which is a Great Territory
We see the Extracts from London Papers regular and there are a great many in
this Country who took a lively interest in the Queens trial the result of which
Gave Universal Satisfaction Kingston Upper Canada was Iluminated [Illuminated?]
on the occasion But that Outrage on Humanity the Invasion of Naples by the
Emperor of Austria is [-----ated?] by every one [everyone?] Tyranny &
Oppression Reigns in Europe
The Winter was severe all over the States but now Spring begins to Clothe
the Fields with Green - I get Letters from R: [Robert?] Craig regular the last
left him in as Good health as he ever enjoyed he sd [said?] he had some
thoughts of keeping Store I told him if he did to put but a little of his Money
in at first till he'd see how he would come on I expect a Letter from him every
Day but cant wait as I want this to go with the May Packet - I had a Letter
from my Aunt some time ago she had been Ill three or four months with pains but
was better She had got [?] Diaper from my Uncle John and expected some Money
I would have sent a Letter to J: McKelvey but he sd: [said?] he was leaving
Lambeg I did not know where to Direct but tell him what he asks me about his
Friend is not in my power to Ansr [answer?] as a place I might think would
suit him would perhaps be quite the Contrary however I think a man with a
Property like him might do well either in Ireland or here as I told you before
Shew [Show?] John my Letters & tell him Old times shall not be Forgot
I intend to send a Letter to my Sisters Perhaps next month as I can get it
sent by hand to N:Y: [New York?] and put in a Ship for Belfast and then the
Postage wont cost them much Tell them altho' [although?] I never sent them a
Letter I have not forgot them Give my kind Love to my Father & tell him I am
striving for Independance To my four Sisters at home To my Sister Jane &
Wm [William?] Phillips and tell [? [?] looking for a Letter from them every
day tell him to excuse any thing [anything?] I said [?] in my Letter
James [Hunter?] is Well he heard his Father was Sick but is rejoiced to hear
he is better he has not had a letter [?] May last this he thinks very strange
he will write next month - David Greenfield & Wm [William?] Abbot are Well -
Provisons are very low Flour 2 1/2 Dol: [Dollars?] [per?] Barrel beef 3 Cents
a lb all other things in Proportion
Give my love to J: Blake - To my Aunt Betty & Family, J: Craig & Nancy My Uncle
Harry & Aunt J McFarlan Uncle J Gilliland and Wife and their Family Aunt
Esther & Uncle Moses - To Wm [William?] Nussen and Richd [Richard?],
Jas [James?] & Mary - J McClieghan Matthew Alderice & E: Gayor - and all others
that want of room wont let me name And now Dr [Dear?] James I hope I have told
you all and I hope you will write when you get this & any thing [anything?]
you want to know enquire and write such a one as your last some things in it
I'll Ansr [answer?] in one I'll send to J Craig I write this sitting on my
Loom in a Shop where their are 10 in real Good health & Spirits, and with my
Prayors [Prayers?] to God for your Welfare & Happiness
I am Dr [Dear?] Brother yours affectionately
John McBride

To Paid 8
Mr James McBride Junr Derriaghy
Care of Mr Wm [William?] Phillips Innkeeper
Lisburn County Antrim
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