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Title: John McBride, Watertown to James McBride, Derriaghy.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcbride, john/57
SenderMcBride, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationweaver
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWatertown, NY, USA
DestinationLisburn, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientMcBride, James Jr
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2613/10: Copied by Permission of Mrs Emily McLister, Mosside Cottage, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.
ArchiveT 2613/10: Copied by Permission of Mrs Emily McLister, Mosside Cottage, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.
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TranscriptDear Brother Watertown April 5th 1824
I once more take up my pen to write to you, which
which I should have done long before this but different things
hindred [hindered?] me till now. Yours of the 3d Augt I recd [received?] on
the 17th Novr I was glad to hear of you all being in good health which I can
by no means say of myself, since I had the severe illness last
Spring my health in general has not been so good as formerly tho [though?]
sometimes it is pretty good, but my old disorder the Dysentery troubles
me a good deal. I am in hopes that the return of warm weather
will have a good effect on my health. Dysentry [Dysentery?] is a disease which
takes a long time to get the better of but God has always been
kind to me and I trust he will restore me to health again if not I
bow with Submission to his will. In the month of Decr I was splitting
wood for my fire, and had the misfortune to cut my foot bad
with the Axe, they are very sharp and I missed my blow and struck the
Axe into the top of my Foot making a cut to the Bone about two
inches long. it was almost Five Weeks before I was able to do much
but now it is well and being cut straight up my foot there was none
of the Leaders cut, which if they had I suppose I would have been Lame
but I find no alteration in walking than before it was cut.
On the 8th of last month I had another Daughter born to me which
I call Eliza Jane, after my two Sisters, you will see I have the appearance
of having plenty of Children if I have enough for them I don't care how
many I have - Lydia was unwell a fortnight before it was born I was afraid she
would have a hard time but she got over it pretty easy & is now pretty well
Indeed for a year past I have had a good deal of affliction but there
are very few but have crosses in their Life Perhaps I may have what is
called Good luck for the time to come. Trade has been very Dull in
this Country for sometime past. the Bill for laying additional Duty
on Imports is now before Congress, but I think from the present appearance
of the Debates that it wont pass so as to do any good the Southern
States are all against the passage of it on account of their exports of
Cotton, Rice, Tobacco, &tc the Great Cities of the Eastern States are likewise
opposed to it I mean the Mercantile Interest of those cities which Interest is
very strong the Duty proposed is pretty heavy, and it is well known that the
British give Bounties to encourage their exports. and I am afraid if the Bill
does not pass manufacturers will not do well. but I expect I can tell you all
about its Passage or Rejection in my next. Mr Gilbert went to Kingston
some time ago and I sent a Letter to Mr [Packabury?] with him who did
not send me any thing [anything?] but a Verbal Ans [Answer?] Stating that he
thought it Doubtful whether the money would be collected or not if there
is any thing [anything?] more I can do by writing I am ready to do it, this you
can tell Mathew Hunter. The last Letter I had from R: [Robert?] Craig was
Dec 8th I had wrote about going to Pittsburg. but he could not give me such
information as I wanted and there is a man going to Pittsburg from here this
Spring and I'll hear from him how I could do there & if I find out I could do
better there I think I shall go. according to Robts [Robert's?] acct
[account?] Provisions are just about half the price in Pittsburg they are
hear and fuel here costs (I suppose) Five times as much as there
it costs me about 35 Dollars a Year for Wood and I have to split it for the
fire besides
[torn] Cord of wood is 8 feet long 4 feet broad and 4 feet high for this I pay
[1 1/4?] Dollars or 6/3 Sterling. I believe I did not tell you this before.
Maple, Beech, Walnut and Elm is best for the Fire; from the Maple is extracts
a Sap from which is made Sugar Treacle Vinegar & and when it is burned Sap can
be made from the Ashes. Pot & Pearl Ashes are also made from it. The
Small-pox have made their appearance here some time ago the People were
greatly alarmed as it had not been known here for a number of years
Innoculation for this Kind pox is now a putting in practice by every one
[everyone?] I got both of mine Innoculated the youngest when it was
two days old, they are both got well. Some have have Died in this
Neighbourhood of Small Pox. James Hunter & me went to Brownvill when
Chas [Charles?] Logan was there but we did not see him, we seen Betty who
looked fat & well they left that shortly after we seen Boomer who told us a
good deal about our old Friends. Boomer left Brownville for New York and
Billy left shortly after they are all from here now
John Armstong called here one Evening and ate his Supper with me. Robt
[Robert?] Craig and his wife are well & I expect he is doing well, he never
named [G: Brown?]
My Boarders names are James & Robt [Robert?] Glass they are Brothers
and weavers from near Bangor in the County Down they have board [boarded?]
with me above a Year they pay me 1 3/4 Dolls [Dollars?] or [-/9?] Sterling
per Week Each. This whole Neighbourhood for many miles is bottomed on
Limestone it is a Grey colour till burned then it is White as any Lime
I have not bought a Cow Yet I did not consider it profitable; as they Run in
the Woods in Summer & there is a good deal of time lost looking after them
Perhaps I will buy one this Summer on account of my Children
for my own part I could live the year round without tasting milk I
often thought before I left home if I could not get milk I would be
badly off but I never think of it tho' [though?] we got some to buy thro
[through?] the Summer. there are few pastures here for Cows, I mean that
People can get for hire. it costs about 1/8 Sterling per Week for a Cow.
and Hay sells in the fall at from Five to Seven Dollars per ton so you can
tell how much it will take to keep a Cow in Winter. I wrote John Craig in
Sepr [September?] I told him in it of James Hunters marriage. he is now in
a house of his own him and me have always the Same Friendship for each other
as formerly. James had a Letter from his Mother a short time ago, he wrote
to his Father in Decr last, and is waiting for an Ansr [Answer?] before he
writes again, him and his Wife are well. I have not got my house
Painted, I beleive [believe?] I would have got it done last Summer but I
had so much trouble, and I dont know if I will get it done now
as I dont how long I shall stop [stained] would cost a good deal to
Paint it. I wrote to John Phillips in January 1823 and I never got
an Ansr [Answer?] I intend to write to him Shortly. It is amusing to hear
[torn] you say of my old Neighbours talking of this Country but as you
will observe they know nothing about it I am inclined to think a Years
residence in this Country would fully satisfy some of them, I have often said
it and again repeat it that the People in Ireland Generally have a mistaken
notion of this Country, for the greatest number who leave that Country think
when they come here they will be Gentlemen at once or at most in a few Years
after they come but they find themselves wofully [woefully?] deceived, then
they lay the blame to some Letters they have seen from this Country which
misrepresented the state of things which perhaps was written by some Fortunate
Individual who had done well here & they brand him with the name of Liar. I
make these remarks in consequence of hearing that Tom Thompson had come as far
as Montreal and went straight home again he stopped I beleive [believe?]
three Days in Montreal (a PRODIGIOUS long time to form an opinion of a strange
Country) and I hear he gives the most Direful accounts of Columbia. but
enough of this Let me hear what he says in your next. and if you think it
would give offence you need not shew [show?] it. For my part as I have often
said I am nothing deceived of this Country my notion of it was formed before
I left Ireland and formed RIGHT.
Little Catherine is well & a fine Smart thriving Child she is playing round me
while I am writing she is walking this good while. I can truly say I am HAPPY
in my Family I have a kindly affectionate Partner whose greatest care is to
see me comfortable Perhaps from what I have said of my health you will think
I am in a Decline but I [torn?] think I am, nor dont be concerned about it,
my health is not so bad but I can do well well enough
If Mr Gilbert had been going to New York at this time I would have sent
this with him, but he wont go till some time in May if he goes at all if he
does then I'll send another perhaps that is if I get one from Ireland before
that I am expecting one from J [John?] Craig. write without delay when you
get this and be as particular as you always are your Letters are very
satisfactory to me
Give my Love to my Father and Sisters to Wm [William?] & Jane Phillips.
to John Craig and Nancy & Aunt Betty etc etc etc etc and all enquiring Friends.
And now Dear Brother that God (who never will forsake us when we rely upon
him) may Bless Defend and Protect you from all Evils Spiritual and Temporal
is the Prayer of your ever Affectionate Brother
Lydia Sends her kind Love to you all.
John McBride

[torn]me the price of Weaving the Sort you have and who for, and the price
[torn]Provisions. Where is John McKilroy and what is he doing, and how could
[torn] Direct a Letter to him. Wm [William] & John Hoop & Families are well,
Wm [William?] had another Son born to him about Seven Weeks ago. Did Wm
[William?] Phillips get R Calhouns House with the Land if he did how is it
and the rest of his Houses Occupied. How does John Blake & Wm [William?]
McCl-ghan Do

[addressed to:]
Mr James McBride Junr
Care of Mr Wm [William?] Phillips Innkeeper

April 5th 1824

10th May 1824