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Title: James McCafferty, Lancaster, PA to "Dear Sir", Co. Londonderry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemccafferty, james/1
SenderMcCafferty, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLancaster, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
Recipientprob. Rev. B. McAuley
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipunacquainted, Mr McCafferty asks a church minister
SourceT 2345/6: Copied by Permission of Dr. E. R. R. Green, History Department, Manchester University, Manchester, England.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
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Transcript Lancaster Janury [January?] 19th 1858

"Dear Sir"
I hope your Reverence will excuse
these few [unexped?] Lines. I have the pleasure
of being Acquainted with your name but
placeing [placing?] the fullest reliance in your Generosity
& confiding in your love of Justice and as
a faithful Minister of the Gospel of Christ
we [solicit?] your aid the [un--ling?] of the
following Case, the result of which will much
Depend on your answer to this and which
if Successful we will Insure be to your interest
as well to those more closely concerned in the
matter The theme of our Story is simply
this, that a young man known by the Name
of Hugh Calhoun or Calhoon was Born in
or near the Town of Kilray [Kilrea?] in the Parish of
[F----y?] in the County of Derry in The North of
Irland [Ireland?] about the Year of our Lord 1763 and
who sailed from Londonderry about the year
1779 and landed in these United States which
was then at war with Great Britan [Britain?], he
Shouldered his musket like many of his Country
men and stood the many hard fought battles
in behalf of his adopted Country and [survived?]
that memorible [memorable?] struggle with Laurels and a
handsome Pension for his [Services?] and having
put the reward of his Millitry [Military?] toils into a
Business he soon became the owner of Immense
wealth, and Lived an honourable Life to the
advanced age Sixty two, and Departed this Life in
the Year of Lord 1825 leaving an extensive
property in real estate besides bank stock
This Hugh Calhoun, or Calhoon was the only son
of a Hugh Calhoun or Calhoon and his wife
Betty Logan who lived Comfortable for several
years Near the Town of Kilray [Kilrea?] in the County
of Derry Near the Ban [Bann?] Water On a farm
to which was attached a very [lucrative?] [fishery?]
This farm being the property of Betty Logan
before her marriage and her husband having [became?]
somewhat Loose in his habbits [habits?] She got so [alarmed?]
lest her husband Should embezzle the property
and Leave their Child penniless that she [?]
the Farm and a smaller one which was not far
off, for their Son Hugh Calhoun or Calhoon
who was then but a child which so [aroused?] the
indignation of her husband that he left her and
the Child to shift for themselves, and it was generally
said that he had gone America but they never
heard more of him. Betty Logan lived but a
few Years after her husbands Departure and at her
Death Hugh Calhoun or Calhoon Junior was
placed under a guardian whose name was
Stirling we think that Mr Stirling was a
[wheelwright?] [or?] plough maker by trade We
merely mention those things to give you a
wider field for [enquiry?] we Do not know who
may have occupyed [occupied?] the property at Sterling's death
but if you Can get possession of that Information
or who now occupyes [occupies?] it it may be well enough
for you to mention it in your answer to me
although that do not interfere with our present
purpose. As executors to the estate of said Hugh
Calhoun or Hugh Calhoon in [?] to [ferret?]
out his heirs in Irland [Ireland?] and we have often
made it our duty to converse with persons
which we knew to come from that neighbourhood
neighbourhood but we could obtain little
or no satisfaction. We have been told by some
that a man by the name of Mooney who [-e-t?]
[?] [?] occupyed [occupied?] the farm to which the
fishery was attached betwixt the Years of 1820
and 1830, and that the other Farm was occupied
by a man whose name they whose name they
said was Griffith, or Griffin at the same time
Those men may be the persons with whom
we wish to communicate but to confirm that
idea we must See and guided by the tenor of
your answer to us. We earnestly request you
to Examine the Church Books and we think
that you will there find in record the marrige [marriage?]
of Hugh Calhoun or Calhoon & Betty Logan
abut [about?] the year 1762, and the year following
we think that you will be likely find in the
Church Books also recorded the Baptism of
their son Hugh Calhoun or Calhoon in question
We knew not they were mared [married?] in the Episcopal
Church or in the presbyter [presbyterian?] Church but your Books
will show that part of the Drama, those [remarks?]
are things that we were [given?] to be particular in
noting to us as they may be of vast importance
should any of the kin ever visit us and that
full Justice to the heirs in Irland [Ireland?] may be Done
it is our earnest request that you read this Letter from
the pulpit to your Congregation on Sabbath.
And now Sir confiding in your [?] of Justice &
the Christian feelings we entreat this matter to your
hand hoping that you will [?] the [?]
opportunity of communicating to us whatever
information you may be able to glean which
we will hope you will [direct?] for me James McCafferty
Lancaster City Pa [Pennsylvania?] North America, untill [until?]
we hear from you we Remain yours Truly
James McCafferty
after granting us the many requests [above?]
there is one more with which we [?] you will
Comply that is, that you will Please to let the
Rev Clergyman of the Episcopal Church of the
Parish of [F----y?] See this Letter and request him
to Examine his Church Books to try if possible
and find the above records and request him to
make the Contents of this Letter known to his
congregation on the following Sabbath. And
may the Lord Bless you

Ballymena [1-?] Jan 1858
[Jenny Logan?] Care of Doctor [?]
Rasharkin [?] [?] [?] taken

No doubt addressed to Rev B. McAuley PP [Parish Priest?]
Ballymena about relatives in that district of
a family in U.S.A.

Above note was made by
my uncle [?] [?]
Neill in old age. I
doubt that it is correct
E. T.