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Title: Robert McClorg, Pennsylvania, to David McClorg, Templemoyle.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcclorg, robert/103
SenderMcClorg, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationteacher
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPennsylvania, USA
DestinationTemplemoyle, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientDavid McClorg and Mrs McClorg
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceT 1227/9: Photocopied by Courtesy of Mr A MacLurg #TYPE EMG Robert McClorg, Whitehall, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 18 June 1820, to his Father, David McClorg, Templemoyle, Co. Londonderry.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8905190
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June 25th 3/6
To Mr David Mc Clorg Templemoyle
Parish of Bovevah near new-
townlimavady County
Londonderry Ireland
For the family alone
White-hall June 18th 1820 Lancaster county Pennslvania [Pennsylvania?]
Dear Father and Mother and brothers and sisters As the present time affords
an opportunity of communication with you I embrace these
opportunities at every period in my power you will see by
the date of another letter agreeing with this that no letters
have come to me as yet in my opinion they are here
but have not been forwarded my request is, that from
this time forth you will always send them by the captain
of a vessel these go by the Conestoga a regular trader
it is now a year since I left you and no accounts have
reached me concerning you my situation at present is
[goo?]d (considering the times) good as to the difficulties in
[this?] Country I have not any thing to put from them some
time being exercised in that school of difficulties after my arrival
the person with whom I live is very rich which you
may guess by the following statement as holding stock in
several banks to a very large amount besides two
large forges which manufacture iron on an
extensive scale as also eight thousand acres of land
besides all his stock and this without any enlargement
or speaking beyond the truth but what I know to be according
to the voice of those around and also rides in his coach when
he pleases of any of these pleasures
my salary is but small but sure & better than six
hundred dollars in many places my shirts find
clothes of every kind washed in the house all of which
& all my clothes were safely brought here as also my
books it is probable some alterations may be among you
since I left you and probably some of you in another
world but I hope the contrary and that I shall see you all
again if my expenses and clothes had not required it I
would have sent you twenty pounds this fall but now
being furnished in that for some time I will be the more able
to send you again, at november it is probable some may be sent
and if not then more at a future period, my advice if you
can is to hold the land & if you can struggle for a little rent
on my word you shall get assistance if I am spared
it is probable I may not see John until he goes home
and my greatest comfort would be if I had something
handsome to go back to you with: and if we never meet in
this world let us all endeavour to meet in happiness in another
see that there be concord among you outlayings here a[?] [g?]reat
but I am not subject to much expenses I would advise none of
you to come here this country is full of men some offering themselves
for [their?] meat for their work this I have from good
authority not that I would discourage any, I have reason
to be thankful good health has always been continued to me
in any way write me at every opportunity and direct to
Mr John George as he always knows where I am who can forward
them to me my salary per year at 5s per dollar is #50 pound
and my expenses are defrayed for a length of time there is church
here only every third sunday my commencement here was
17th January last as soon as a more profitable place offers
I shall take it I have nothing at present to write of
particular importance no exertion will be wanting on my part
to hear from John at every opportunity send me an account
of every thing important and if I were coming again there
would not be so many shirts brought by me nor bed nor any
thing of the kind however all these I can keep safe but
with much more trouble you may have received letters
from John or accounts from Hugh devlin which
would mention him indeed, I know nothing of him
since we parted but I am satisfied as he is in a
better part than this and some acquaintances near
him which will be of service.
If you write to him direct to the care of Mr William Brown
or Mr Robert Aul either of whom can inform about him
the former in Germain street the latter york point
unless you have received from himself When you write
direct to Mr John George south Eighth-street and not
south East-street as there is no such street in Philadelphia
I remain with the sincerest affection and Gratitude
your ever loving son & unto Brother and sisters your ever
loving Brother Robert Mc Clorg
this letter for the family alone & none or Nothing I had has been hurt on
any account
P.S. Dear father & mother with Brothers & sisters I most
humbly beg your pardon for not writing to you by James [All?]ison
but the Conestoga was expected in daily which made me wait
and he could inform you that I was well & in Archibald
Neely's at that time but as I have a house rented now, it is
cheaper to board myself & only live alone but I hope I am not alone
as the great Creator is present with those who seek him as you
mentioned some time ago in your letters this country is not half
as religious or rather the people as in Ireland & it takes a young man
to take great care to make much in a city several offers are
in my view at present for teaching & all pretty good in & near the
City you no doubt expected something before this time & had I
been in a permanent place you would have had #30 before this
time I have been near three thousand miles through this country
& can give you my opinion it is not very good in many
places through Long island Newyork state New Jersey Pennseylvania
[Pennsylvania?] Delaware & maryland & have found many dificulties in said
places and could have had many places but wished a better salary in
order to send something home last spring, 9 months here
I travelled in America from first to last & underwent things
which I Never imagined you mentioned my devious way
in this country my reason for leaving my place was I was
doing so in order to obtain a better toward the south & in
order to save myself of much trouble & also my life as the
mai[sons?] where I was being expelled from College & none
could stay long in it for they were perfect Devils and
teaching here is in some places profitable but very troublesome
and hard to manage the children in this country David did
not leave the handkerchief & book as he forgot them & therefore
they are with him yet but I can get them, George moone
who left Newtown informed me of John in October but
stated he had met with bad treatment of his employer
I am uneasy to hear from him and to see him & also you
all but if we never meet here let us endeavour to mee[t?]
in heaven I had to borrow after I came in 10 dollars from Archibald
Neely & 15 paid to John George for the time I staid [stayed?]
these make 25 dollars & my travelling so long makes me not
have so much at present my rent per year is 50 dollars
but better places offer & near the town & I will embrace some
of them all the bed clothes remain with me yet and ever will
many particulars are in this as also in yours in
respect of Campbell & concerning his death many write
of their salaries here the half of which is lies. John George
has removed which made me direct to another place this letter
goes to a mr stevenson from the Faughan with whom I am
acquainted little attention is paid here in many places to
precious sabbath time but I am almost entirely alone
I sent a letter to John at november but got no answer remember
my old promise as soon as possible but it is too long in coming
Dear Father & Mother my greatest desire wish & prayer is that
you make sure work for Eternity and my greatest happiness
if I could once see you dear Brothers & sisters look to your
Parents with care and attention I am far from them at present
All my clothes since here has been nearly 3 suits & some other things
stated many things of Great importance for time & eternity for
which advices I am much indebted my kindest love to all for your present
although not received but it will yet how sorry I am I cannot send
something now but again And now to conclude may the Grace of our Lord Jesus
Christ the peace of God & the communion of the Spirit be with you all
Amen N B Miss no opportunity in writing & send me account of affairs and how
matters stand. I commend you all to the great Redeemer now and for ever
more Amen. yours unto Death Robert Mc Lorg These lines are to yourselves
alone and none else whatever Dear Father Mother and family you may probably
think me ungrateful and inconsiderate as also having succeeded ill
in this country when many less time here than I am have sent
something home before this time I am most uncommonly
mortified that it is not in my power to send you something
before this time and even now it gives me the utmost pain
that at present I am not able you may think it strange but
for one year I have made little and hardly held my own
coming to Philadelphia I took a house at 50 dollars per
year and did not succeed well in obtaining good pay
from my employer by whom I was treated most shamefully
I rather sunk than made money I am now in a place
near the city where my prospects are or I may say pretty good [considering?]
believe me this country is far from what it was said to be you
may have seen a letter from Robert Pollock stating that his brother Joseph
made from 10 - 20 dollars per day but that is altogether untrue and
from his own statement he sometimes makes 1 dollar per day and some [less?]
it was stated to me that brother John intended going to Ireland
with a venture of tobacco from saint John Newbrunswick no letter came to me
from him since I last saw him but one I hope he has not gone to the West
Indies but it is singular no answer came to me from him you may think
strange no letter was sent by one of the Thompsons from Ballyhenry but he
went off sooner than I imagined Frankford is the name of the place where I
now teach it is established academy but [no?] lands to it for the benefit
of the teacher and only the scholars that may come are the support of
the teacher teaching in this country is law from what it has been sometime
ago and a good mechanic or labourer has in general ten chances to [?]
I fear you are in difficult straits at present and had it not been for
my moving often I would have had something to send you now but your patience
may probably get tired and say I have long promised that and no sign of
performing it sorry I am that I cannot but I spent money and travelled
far in the Country to get good situations and found them very scarce I
have been 3000 miles through this country and cannot invite any of you here
the accounts from some others may be so contradictory to this that you
may suppose me incapable of obtaining situations for making money my
health has been very much impaired last summer as it was very sickly
but it is now recovered as formerly much surprised that John did not come
on here in last summer your harvest in Ireland from English papers received
in this Country has been in many cases abundant Numbers have gone home
this year to Ireland and many to England &c the severity of the climate here
is very great mu[?] on the extremes both in the summer and winter the crops
in the country have failed much owing to the unfavourable weather in the
spring [harvest?] 5 miles from the city of Philadelphia is my residence at
present I am determined not of move much more in this country [than?] I
have done it is very unprofitable this goes by the Conestoga and the [this?]
is the first ship back again to Philadelphia as mentioned in the paper. Now
a word to my aged and much loved parents as also brothers and sisters some
of the former I am afraid are not alive from my dreams look unto that God
who alone can support you in all trials and dangers prepare for death &
judgement take care of your parents while yet with you and ah that I were
with them to assist them in their old age may the Almighty God of Jacob
rest with you all Amen Robert Mc Clorg