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Title: Samuel McClure, Ballycragh, to Samuel McGrogan.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcclure, samuel/102
SenderMcClure, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationvisiting in Ireland
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallycragh, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationPennsylvania, USA
RecipientMcGrogan, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by John H. McGuckin, JR, Senior Vice President, 400 California Street, San Francisco, California, 94104.
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park.
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TranscriptBallycragh July 30 1890

My Dear Cousin Samuel
McGrogon it is a long time
Since I Sent you a few lines
and still longer time since
Heared [heard?] from you.
I Hope that this will find
you and family all will [well?]
I am will [well?] at this time thank God
My Dear Cousin you will be
some what Surprised to find
me writting [writing?] you from Ireland
I Landed here with mother
Last may 20th and found mothers
Brother John and sister Sarah
all will [well?] my sister mary and
family lives here allso [also?] the
[they?] ar [are?] will [well?] mary has
one daughter Living in your State in
Philadelphia I called to see her on my way
Home I Left California april 7
I only intended to stay 90 days
But I cannot get a way from.
Mother for some time yet as
this will perhaps be hour [our?] last
meetting [meeting?] in this world and
it is very hard for me to leave
Her at this time She wanted
me to write this letter to you and
find out how you wire [were?] all
And how Cousin Johns family
is getting [along?] and if his wife
is Living She thought so much
of your brother John and his
family I saw her Sister the
Auther [other?] day but did not know
How [who?] She was untill [until?] She
past me I was on my way to ballycastle.
I was down there two weeks
with my neice [niece?] miss Sarah Henry
I Had a goad [good?] time I passed the
Old home where you and I
often plaid [played?] together it dont
Look much like the Old.
Home when your father and
mother lived there there is
a great Change well there is
so much Change in Ireland
in Every thing it dont look like
the same [Countary?] Country to me
My Dear Cousin you would
Be surprised to See Some
of the old plases [places?] how there
[they are?] Changed there is new houses all
Over the Countary [Country?] times is good
And maney [money?] is plenty men gets
Good pay here for all Kinds
[of?] [work?] [stained] [stained] [stained]
to work the land and wemen [women?]
Has to take there [their?] plase [place?] and
the [they?] Get as much as men in the [mark?]
of Places Crops is good here
This year all Kinds looks will [well?]
it has rained Every other day
Since I landed I Cannot See
How the [they?] will Saif [Save?] there
[their?] [Corn?] if the weather Keeps on this way
But with all I am Enjoying my
visit very much I am on the
go from one place to an auther [another?]
All the time this is about all I have
to say at this time as I do not know
as you will get this when I here [hear?] from
you I will Send you all the news
Direct Ballycragh County antrim
Stranocum .P.O. write Soon from
your Cousin Samuel McClure.