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Title: S. McClure, Ballycragh, to "My Dear Cousin Samuel".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcclure, samuel/106
SenderMcClure, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationvisiting in Ireland
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallycragh, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationPennsylvania, USA
RecipientMcGrogan, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by JH McGuckin, Jr. 400 California Street, San Francisco, 94104
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park.
Doc. No.9603053
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Transcript Ballycragh, December 22/90

My Dear Cousin Samuel
Yours of September 13th I Received
Some time ago and was glad
to hear that you and family
were all well I am well at this
time and having a very good
time in Ireland mother is just
living and that is about all
I would have returned home
some time ago only weating [waiting?]
to see the last of mother but
she is a great deal better now
and I think I will Go home
a Bout the first of the new year
Dear Cousin I would have
answred [answered?] your letter long before
this only weating [waiting?] to see your
cousin [McGoogan?] that have not met
Him yet but perhaps I will
See him before I Leave hear [here?] yet
if so I will let you know
He lives in the same old place
as when you left and his
Brother is on the costgards [coastguards?]
Some where about [Larne?] [so?]
Brother John tells me the [they?]
are bouth [both?] well of [off?] as far
as this woureld [world?] goods gos [goes?]
My Dear Cousin you would
not know Ireland any
more there is such a change
Every thing is changed
times is very good - here
money is plenty and farmers
is dowing [doing?] well there is a
great manny [many?] new houses bilt [built?]
and all good and the [they?] farm
all together [altogether?] diferent
[different?] from what the [they?] did
when you and I was boys the [they?] [have?]
the american [Horses?] and [harness?] and
pretty nearly every thing of
american improvement they
live better now than [what?]
the [they?] did when we were boys
I Like the countery [country?] very much
But still I like California a
great deal better on account
of climat [climate?] the climat [climate?]
hear [here?] is changed this Summer was
very wet and cold and now
we have plenty of frost
and Snow with Cold west winds
I am getting very home sick
and want to go back Just as
soon as I can to California
That is one of the finest countrys
[countries?] that ever god made I can
thank god I went out there I did [well?]
and I want to spend my last
days where the people was [were?]
so good to me and where
my sons [rests?] I will [call?] on
you on my way home if
I Have time and the weather
is good I will have to stay
one or two weeks with my
sister Jane in New York on
my way home and if
Possible will call on you
I would like very much to
see you once more before
we die
Dear Cousin this is about
all I have to say at this time
Only I am glad I came over
hear [here?] once more to see this
old Country and [smudge]
friends but there is a great many
Dead and gon [gone?]
and it looked to me like a
strange place for a long time
I Bought a house and machine
when I came home and I drive
round a great deal this is all
mother, brouthers [brothers?] and
sisters [join?] me in sending you
hour [our?] kind Regards your cousin S. McClure