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Title: T. McCoy, Springfield Township to A. McCoy, Liverpool
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemccoy, thomas/132
SenderMcCoy, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMercer Co., Penn., USA
DestinationLiverpool, England
RecipientMcCoy, Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1444/3: Presented by H.W. McCoy, The Old Manor, Ashley, Kings Somborne, Stockbridge, Hants.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9012005
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TranscriptTo : Mr Alexander McCoy


Paid 25 [cents?]

New Lodge
Merc [Mercer?] Co [County?]


Mer [Mercer?] County Springfield Township October
6th [1839?]

Dear Nephew I Receiv'd your kind letter of Aprill [April?]
6th which Gave me Great Sattisfation [Satisfaction?] to hear
that you and the friends were all well. I have been rather
tedious in writing to you but I hope this will answer the
purpose I am not in the habit of writing much it Comes very
[?]dy and I think I must leave it to my Sons to do for the
futre [future?] you let me know they have Some [?] Donts
Concerning their lease and if this will not Sufice [Suffice?]
I am yet able and willing to appear on the ground be ple.d
[pleased?] to let me know the perticulars [particulars?]
Concerning it in your Next and I will try and be the means of
preserving it while I have life and health Dear friend this
is a time Grat [great?] drauft [drought?] with us in this part of
the world at present the last month is the Common time of our
Seeding and it is almost impossible to Get it done yet It has
been so East of the mountaine [mountain?] the most part of
the last Summer and it is Expected they will have hard times
on account of it please to let me know how times is with you
in England and how all our friends is in Ireland and
particularly brother George & Sister
Grin [Grain?] and Cattle is Getting to a Great pitch here and
tradeing [trading?] of Every kind is Coming on well we are
Getting Iron works and mashines [machines?] of Every sort
besides a Canall [Canal?] Coming thorouh [through?] the
County but a few Mile [Miles?] distant land is Getting from
ten to twenty five Dollars per acre and Seems [too?] please
to let me know in your Next how your mother and aunt is
Coming on and if the [they?] are making any better of [?] it
on that place I would be Glad of their welfare and how they
were doing I know according to the account I Got the [they?]
must be Something Considerable Coming to me out of their
place but I Never intend to Call for any of it but if they
got a Good [?] to [?] on and Could send me a piece of white
linnen [linen?] I would take it as a present Dear friend I am
Glad to hear of your welfare I am Glad to hear of you [?] you
Chosen the better part I wish you to Continee [Continue?] in
the way of well doing and the lord I hope will be your
I wish yo [you?] to Remember me to my friends in particular
brother George and Sister Mary if alive I have had five
Children five maryed [married?] and Doing well and the other
five liveing [living?] I may Say with me
Dear Friend if these Should Come to hand Enclose them and
Send Something along and let her know that I am still fond to
hear from her and her family althou [although?] I Cannot
Expect to be long here yet I would Desire to hear from them
all and to know how the [they?] were doing I seem to keep
healthy and Strong altho [although?] old age is Coming on and
we have [?] to prepare for Change that awaits us be Sure to
Remember me to all my friend and Relations as it may be the
last opportunity So I remain your Affectionte [affectionate?]
uncle till Death Thos [Thomas?] McCoy