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Title: Davison McDowell, Newry to Agnes Kirkpatrick, S. Carolina.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcdowell, davison/55
SenderMcDowell, Davison
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNewry, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationS. Carolina, USA
RecipientKirkpatrick, Agnes
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2305/10: Presented by South Carolina Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, USA.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9404141
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Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 20:04:1994.
Word Count679
TranscriptNewry 18th of August 1810
My Dear Mother

I recd [received?] your much looked for letter of the
24 June two days ago & one from the [?] the sale of my house in
Boat St yesterday prevented my devoting that
day to you. I feel extremely happy to hear
that John & Martha stayed so long with
you & hopes that he is quite recovered: &
also that Miss Stone has consented to go
to hills: the Major gives me a very flattering
account of Agnes: he says she is improving
very much; she has an excellent
oppertunity [opportunity?] & I'm shure [sure?] you'l [you will?] impress it
on her memory very offten [often?], tell her from
me that I hope she'l [she will?] make a good use
of her time; I'll endeavour to bring a Piano
for her; if I have as much left as will bring
me out of the country after paying all the
debts on the property, I shall now give
you an account of the affairs here. I have
wrote you three times & in my last very
fully, however for fear of accident I shall
mention the particulars again As it respects
the Mourne property their [there?] is still
due Mr McNeelly upwards of £100 with a
Judgement, George Maxwell £50 with 15 years
Interest, William McCormick £50 with the
same Int. [Interest?] Robt [Robert?] Adam a bond which I know
nothing about until I came here for £25 with
15 years Int. [Interest?] & the Law is not here as with you
the [?] Int [Interest?] for ever; Mrs Thompson's claims
are this: she not only contends for £150 with
Int [Interest?] left her by her father, but Int [Interest?] on the
£400 left her by M.K., I have (with the advice
of Mr Melling who has been an uncommon
friend to me) come to this resolution, which
I have personally Informed Mrs T. [Thompson?] of. if The [they?]
will take the Glassdrummond property (There
is 10 years of the lease to come or John Thompson
life which of them may last longest) with all
the Debts due on it in this Country the [they?] shall
have it; If not the [they?] may sue for their claims
as fast as possible & let me see if a Court
of Justice will either grant them the £150
left by her father or the Interest on Mr K's legacy
untill [until?] all his Just debts are paid. I
expect a positive answer, as soon as a consultation
can be held with Ross Thompson.
Joseph Glenny is expected from Dublin, if he
dont come shortly I shall be under the neassity [necessity?]
of going up to him respecting it.
Now for a little of my own business, but I do not
think that the gloomy appearance will prevent
my returning to you all! I would not think of delivering
you [your?] letter to Geo [George?] [?] after his infamous
conduct to me. he [?] got possession
of the Old House & [?] by [?] and
when [torn] asked him what expenses he had [stained]
at [torn] to redeem it he modestly asked [stained]
if I [torn] give him £200 if I was going to stay
in this Country I would make him pay for it My other
house brought £327 but the debts will swallow
up the whole. Gillaspie is £160 Brady £60 Mr Milling
is upwards of £50 in advance to me. so you now
have a full view of everything. I shall now conclude
with my love to John & Martha I trust in God she may
get safe over her perilous situation. My love to Agnes
& tell her how much I expect to see her improved. Tender
my sincere thanks to Miss Stone for the attention she
shown her, which has produced such a change for the better
remember me to Mr & Mrs Johnston & family. to Mrs [?]
Dr & Mrs Brownfield. to the Miss [?] & all friends &
I remain my Dr [Dear?] Mother your sincere & affectionate
Davison McDowell

[addressed to:]
Mrs Agnes Kirkpatrick
S [South?] Carolina