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Title: Robert McElderry, Lynchburg Va. to Anne McElderry, Ballymoney
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcelderry, robert/24
SenderMcElderry, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman (dry goods)
Sender ReligionProtestant (joins The Presbyterian Church At Some Point)
OriginLynchburg, Virginia, USA
DestinationBallymoney, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientMcElderry, Anne
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2414/1: Copied by Permission of Dr Helen Megaw, c/o 66 Malone Road, Belfast 9 #TYPE EMG Robert McElderry, Lynchburg, Virginia, [America?], to his sister, Anne McElderry, Ballymoney, County Antrim, [Ireland?], 15 August 1850.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007031
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo: Miss Anne McElderry
Co[unty?] Antrim
Lynchburg 15 Aug[ust?] 1850
Dear Sister
I have been to[o?] long in answering your
kind letter but I hope you will excuse me when I tell you I have
had so much to do lately that I could not find any time
to write July is a month in which we have a great deal
of work to do we have to measure all the goods in store and
take inventory before the first of August So that the business
may be settled up and shows what has been made for the
last year last years work brings a very good profit the am[oun?]t
is over eight thousand dollars after taking all expenses
from it As I am bookkeeper of the concern I had to post
up the books (after we got through with the other work)
untill [until?] the first of August and take a balcnce sheet but
there was some mistake in the posting and they do not balance
cor[r?]rectly it may take me a long time to find out the
mistake The books are not kept in the same way as I
did at home they are kept by double entry
I am very well satisfied with my place and I know
all parties conserned [concerned?] are so Mr Peters said that he never
had any young men with whom he was better satisfied
than the ones he has at this time only one that he got
about a mounth [month?] ago who is the most stupid boy that I
have ever seen he cannot tell what two yards of anything
would come to at ten cents per yard he will very
soon have to leave for Mr Peter says he would not keep him
one evening we were all engaged in the back part of
the store and set to watch the door He went atside [outside?]
sat down to sleep very composedly and could hardly be waked up
Mr Mathews has been with us all summer untill [until?] last
week when he went away to the springs to stay for a
short time when he will come back again and stay
till winter comes on and go to Baltimore he was
afraid to visit his friends west this summer because
of Cholera if he is not detained by the same cause
he will go there next summer When he is here he
stays all the time in the store with us and sees that
every thing is done write [right?] a great many people think
because he pays so much attention that Mr Peters is
only doing bussiness [business?] for him
It would be better for Sally never to trouble herself
about George Lyle or any of his friends I believe them
all to a worthless set, after I rec[eive?]d they [the?] letter from
home in answer to the one an[n?]ouncing James' death
I wrote to George as I promised to do but I never rec[eive?]d
any answer from him I should suppose that something
has offended them I do not know how it is that
people can always tell a great deal more than what
is true I have neither said nor done anything as yet about
getting a tombstone for James' grave but Sally may
rest easy on that score I shall certainly attend to it
as soon as I can have an opportunity of doing so
I am indeed very glad to hear that Tommy is
getting along so well you must never let him forget
that he has an Uncle Robert who always thinks of him
though he never sees him he was a good child and
I trust he will be a good boy and a good man I should
think that by this time he would be a smart little fellow
and that he ought to be going to s[c?]hool in the course
of a year or so You had better all mind and not spoil
by petting him and making too much of him of
which I think there would be a great chance
as he is now the only child at home I suppose that
little Samuel B Boyd is in with you very often how
does Thomas get along with him Sam[ue?]l should be able to chat
very well by this time if he is any such a boy as Tom
was when he was his age but I think that is very d[o?]ubtful
I re[eive?]d a letter from Robert Wilson today and a
newspaper from home what is the reason you do not send
me newspapers oftener than you do I cannot get them to
send as I used to do when in Baltimore The papers
that are published here are not worth anything
I would send you some of them The principle thing [?]
would see in them would the price of Tobacco
which is very high at this time the season for planting
was so bad that is thought there will not be third a
crop made it will be but a small loss to you
but I am afraid it will effect [affect?] business here
very much There are a great many little things
when you are writing that you never think of mentioning
whether you have still got the horse if old Spring
is still living and able to kill rats and I could hardly
tell you all what all you might tell me when you write just
think what you would like to hear you were away from
home and that is the very thing that would like to hear
When I was in Balto [Baltimore?] I had news from home oftener than I
had a letter I never hear any thing now only in my own letters
I always find it to be ease when I write often I can
write best and I intend after this that you shall have
a letter from me once a mount [month?] if you will all agree
to do the same for me Give my respect to all friends
and accquaintances and let me know as much as you can how
they are getting along any word of Adam Thomson getting
married Remember me to Mr & Mrs Prestoul & part of their
family I cannot say all for I believe from late accounts that there
has been an addition to it I suppose it is nearly as large as our
own used to be before we got so much scattered
How so Dan[ie?]l Tom & Joe get along let me hear from them
all next time it is some time since Dan gave me a lesson out
of his big bible Is William McAfee living at the same place
and doing as well as usual Good by[e?] at presant [present?]
I remain your affectionate Brother
Robert McElderry
Give my love to Uncle James and Aunt and spend many happy days together