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Title: Patt M'Gowan, St. John's N.B. to "Brother Roger", [?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Filemcgowan, patt/51
SenderMcGowan, Patt
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt. John's, New Brunswick, Canada
RecipientMcGowan, Roger
Recipient Gendermale
SourceBritish Parliamentary Papers, 1849, X1, (122), pp 125-126
ArchiveThe Main Library, The Queen's University of Belfast
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TranscriptAppendix to Minutes of Evidence Before Select Committee

Appendix X

Saint Johns New-brimswick [New Brunswick?],
december The 25th 1847
Brother Roger
I take the Apertunity [Opportunity?] of sending yow
[you?] Those few lines hoping to find yow [you?] all In
as good health as this leaves us at preasit [present?]
thanks be to god for his mercy towards us As for the time
past I tannot [cannot?] tell yow [you?] the One half of my
sickness and disease when I left Ierlad [Ireland?] I never
was stranger [stronger?] or in better Health until we were
15 days on ship Board Moly Mew died which lay in the bearth
[berth?] under mine and I took the fevour [fever?] of [off?]
her and bidy [Biddy?] Conolly [Connolly?] and also Catharine
Relly [Reilly?] And Catharine tom own [Tomon?], neither of
us was able To bring the other A drop of drink for nine days
And Each of us was relapsed onely [only?] as tug dan [?]
would bring it to us and honour McGowns [Honor Mc Gowans?]
Childrin [children?] I took the bowel complaint And
Continued with me for 3 weeks On the ship until we landed
at the End Of five weeks and one day we passed the Inspector
doctor for three days by the Enterference [interference?]
of The Captain and Mr. Yates we had to go to qarrenteen
[quarantine?] Isilan [island?] to Ospital [Hospital?] and
I was given up by the doctor I passed blood through me for
Three days and the skin and flesh busted off My teeth and gave
Blood on my mouth I was Attend [attended?] by one docter
[Doctor?] murfy [Murphy?] from County galway cured me in six
days and also Betty By the assistance of god and was Annointed
And Every day from that Back I was getting better After being
five weeks on the Island I Came out to saint Johns and was
warmly received By Andrew Kerigan [Kerrigan?] who dyed [died?]
of a fevour [fever?] and buryed [buried?] on the twenty second
of this month and all the Neaburs [neighbours?] and took A
house but could get nothing to do with my trade I went to Mr.
John Robeson [Robinson?] Merchant who is Joined in Merchandise
with henery [Henry?] gore [Gore?] of greenack [Greenock?]
trough [through?] means Of my carractor [character?] from ser
[Sir?] boothe [Boothe?] gore [Gore?] gave me work But continued
seven days until I took A second favour [fever?] and could Not
do one hands turn for Eight weeks I did not work but Eight days
until the 1st day of december I agreed with one James Murfy
[Murphy?] from waterford town for six
months until June at fifteen Pounds sterling and A Kitchen and
Room and plenty fire wood direct your letter to Patt MGown
[McGowan?] cooper of the strait shore In care of Mr. Peter
Rogan Portland street saint Johns new brimswick [New Brunswick?]
Roger if in case that you entend [intend?] to Come out here Come
early in spring And let me know about it firm contitucional
[constitutional?] men has from four to five shillings Each day
10s.and 6d. for your weeks boarding or 2s. for your bed and
washing cooking I felt A great deal of pleasure in hearing About
the reverent James Conolly [Connolly?] How is all freends
[friends?] and neibours [neighbours?] particularly those who
reminded me Patt Conolly Gortnahowla Michail [Michael?] Ewny
own Carlis [Owen Charles?] McMorrow and frank danown [Danone?]
It is sorrowful to hear all of your neibours [neighbours?] that
died here which was already dear to us The Rate of flour 18s.
and indea [Indian?] meal 10s. A hundred plinty [plenty?] of
Earning until now Nomore at preasent [present?] but
We Remain in good health.