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Title: Tenement in the Foreplantation of Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
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OriginLisburn, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
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Relationshipre a tenement
SourceD 971/5/4A: Presented by Messrs. L'Estrange & Brett, Solicitors, Chichester Street, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
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TranscriptTenement in the Foreplantation

Sometime in the year 1767 the Marquis of Donegal was pleased
to grant a Lease of a Tenement in the Foreplantation Belfast
to Wm [William?] Robinson of sd. [said?] town for the term of
99 years containing 28 feet in front and 172 feet in the Reare
[rear?] [a?] say 28 [shillings?] P. [per?] year with provision
for building a House in the course of 13 years after the grant
as specified in sd. [said?] Lease. Wm. [William?] Robinson went
to America and in 1802 wrote to Wm [William?] Gray of Lisburn
to take the said tenement into his Possesssion and apply the
profit Rent to the support of a Wm. [William?] Valentine as
will appear by his Letter. In the Interim Robt. [Robert?]
Oliver got the Lease of sd. [said?] Tenement into his hand and
without any title whatever gave a Lease to one Sybbles for 60
years receiving a profit Rent of more than three Guineas P.
[per?] Annum which he applied to the worst of purposes
Drunkenness / Wm. [William?] Gray on receiving the order
could not not interfere as Rob. [Robert?] Oliver was his
Fatherinlaw at present sd. [said?] Sybbles wishes to sell
or give his Lease to Robt. Oliver for Money Wm. [William?]
Gray hopes that Mr. May will dispose of the sd. [said?]
Tenement according to his pleasure as the Obligations in
the sd. [said?] Lease were never fulfilled. If Mr. May
choose to give the Tenement to Wm. [William?] Gray he will
build a House on the Tenement superior to that mentioned in the
Lease and the profit Rent applied as ordered by Capt.
Robinsons Letter - Lisburn June 4th 1812 -

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