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Title: Letter to John Humphrey in South Carolina.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Genderunknown
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationS.Carolina, USA
RecipientHumphry, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD3561/A/18: Papers of E.R.R. Green, deposited by Dr. P.R. Green.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9306115
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by J T, 30:06:1993.
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(Copies of emigrant letters collected by and sent to E. R. R.
Green as part of his research project on emigration)

Deposited by Dr, P. R. Green

[The following letter was handwritten to John Humphrey in
America and dated March 23rd 1833. The source and the letter
writer are unknown. The photocopied copy of the letter is
stamped "From the original in The South Carolina Library.
Permission is required for duplication or Publication".]

Crosscannon March 23rd 1833
Dear Brother and Sister I again sit down to write to you we
are all in good health at present thanks be to god for all his
blessings to us his undeserving creatures
I hope these few lines will find you and family enjoying the
same great blessings I have thoughn [thought?] [missing]
[missing] getting a letter from you we received no letters
from you these eleven months past the last letter we received
bore Date Feb [February?] 12-1832 in which you stated you had
wrote [written?] a letter some time before which we never
received we were sorry to hear of your sickness in the summer
time and also of the tremmur [tremor?] of your hand which makes
us often think [missing] either not contented or it is not a
healthy [missing] which reason or are they more un [missing]
[missing] from you therefore I hope you [missing] [missing]
letters as [missing] as possible [missing] [missing] John
[missing] like [missing] [missing] so that fath [missing]
[missing] Dear B [missing]

Dear Brother and Sister be so kind as state [sic] in your next
letter the affairs of your country or if the choleramorbus
which is the name the Medical men in this country have ascrib
ed [ascribed?] to it we have heard of it being very bad in the
grea ter [greater?] parts of America but is anxious to know
[if?] it has reached your border it has been somewhat felt in
Antrim it has been Fatal in B[elfast?] Dublin and Newry also in
England and Scotland Larn [Larne?] Ballymena, Ballymoney it was
also alarming in Antrim for a few days Mrs Magill went to bed
in good health at nine o'clock and [missing] [missing] at twelve
and felt herself somewhat [missing] [missing] the doctors were
applied to and the cur[missing] [missing] was in vain [missing]
five in the [missing] [missing] it was a [missing]ing to
[missing] [missing] place [missing]t sam[missing]
[missing] th her[missing]

Dear Brother and Sister there are a great many alterations in
this country since you left it trade is still getting worse
here Victualing is very low here this season potatoes best price
14D [?] but meal 9s Do [?] pork During the winter w[missing]
[missing] om [from?] 34s to 38s [?] cw [hundred weight?] but is
now from 28s to 33s Do [?] [torn] cattle is very high butter
During the summer was from 8D to 10D [?] lb [pound?] D--r [Dear?]
Sister Pam [missing] to you that my Uncle Samuel has sold [his?]
farm [missing] cannon the same man bought it that bought [missing]
Flemings of potters walls Mr. Montgomery Esqr [Esquire?] and
Uncle got 1040 pounds for his farm and he has bought David [---?]
and as I also stated to you before William Fleming got [missing]
his also Uncle James Hus[ton?] has sold his in R[missing]
[missing] pound for his farm Mr. Macaddan of Belfast and [missing]
in his own [torn] usual and it, [missing] [missing] how i[torn]
with him [missing] [missing] doing well as [missing]

[Addressed to:]

John Humphry
South Carolina
[missing]chter District
[missing] Postoffice
[missing]merica [America?]