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Title: [?], Savannah, to W.J. Campbell Allen, Belfast
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Genderunknown
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSavannah, Georgia, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientCampbell Allen, William J.
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD1558/1/1/7: Papers of W.J. Campbell Allen. Deposited by F.D. Campbell Allen, Harrow-on the Hill, Middlesex
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9904273
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptBritish Ship [Intrinsic?] Savannah 17th July 1840

Mr John Campbell Allen Esq
8 Wellington Place
Dear Sir
In this
mornings mail from our mutual friend Robert Campbell
I rec'd [received?] two checks in a bank here to be
invested in Sterling Exchange- one for œ1502.35 off
my Comm [commission?] [-p.3.75?] left œ1498.60 to be
remittted yourself which at 10«% prem [premium?] is
œ305.2.11 [---?] of which you [n---?] have in the
enclosed bill of Mr [Cowder?] this date Est [?] to
the set favor yourself and payable in London on
[M-f-?] Thos [Thomas?] [Cowder?] & Son, Lpool
[Liverpool?] [---?] œ305.2.11 Stg [sterling?] second
check for œ3064.25 off my commn [commission?] [./5%?]
of [-66?] left œ3056.59 to be remitted Jas [Jason?]
Campbell which at 10«% prem [premium] is œ622.7.8 Stg
[Sterling?] of which you now have in the enclosed bill
of Wm [William?] [Cowder?] this date No 2 at 60 Est- 4
to the let - favor James Campbell & payable in London on
[--f-?] Thos [Thomas?] [Cowder?] & Son Lpool [Liverpool?]
[---?] œ622.7.8 Stg [Sterling?] there bills I deem good
as any that can be drawn here by the usual bill drawers-
Molyneux's bills are not so high in favor as heretofore
although they may be abundantly good - but the last years
Cotton business has changed the caste of exchanges very
much - the first of the above exchanges are enclosed herein
by directors of our friend R. [Robert?] Campbell the 3
remaining of the sets go to him by this evenings mail he
will no doubt give you as long [re?] of the times- but
can hardly be minute as he were in business - Cotton is
as low here as in [Aug--ton?] 4« to 9 [?] the extremes the
general sales 7¬ @ 7 3/4 œ8 [--?] the crop in all the States
abundant beyond any precedent and 2 million of bales have
been made - but doubtful if over 17 to 1800 [?] can be
got to market owing to
the very low state of the rivers for so long a period
[thriving?] into a [-p--ed?] time an amt [amount?] of business
quite beyond expectation - the crops of grains & tobacco are
also large - heavy shipments of flour will no doubt be made
this Spring - especially from New Orleans to England &
France - Ships must get the best of it - 1¬ to [?] has been
offered for round Bales to Lpool [Liverpool?] the part
week - You will no doubt have heard 'ere this gets to
hand - that the Manhatten Bank the stock of which held chiefly
by the Marquis of [Carmaethan?] has been floundered by Robert
White its Cashier - whom you know as also his brother
Campbell P. White - late member of the Congress - great
[Loco foco?] political characters - Bobby was a great
man - overbearing, unfeeling & conceited - no one has any
sympathy for him - it turns out he had for years past been
making loans in Stocks to worthless Brokers

- & the
[collu---ly?] recd [received?] fall far short of the amounts
they offered - Bobby's Neffy [nephew?] young White of the firm
Tailor & White, Wall St Brokers have their share of the
flounder - also [send?] C.P. White his œ200000 I have very
little doubt few of the Banks in Wall St - or rather it should
be called - Satans Avenue - could fail to afford developments
of a similar character - This nation - has in truth - and weekly

verified - gone back in Morals a Century- since the elevation
of Andrew Jackson to the ...