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Title: Incomplete letter U.S.A. to "Dear William John", Shell Creek.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Genderunknown
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientCampbell Allen, William J.
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfriends? Relatives?
SourceD 1558/1/1/15: Papers of William John Campbell Allen, Deposited by the Late F.D.Campbell Allen.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9708168
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count625
Transcript Shell Creek 24 January 1845

Dear William John
you must not set me down
for been ungrateful, I know I should have answered
your letter on receipt my reason for not doing so I
postponed from day to day expecting to hear either
from Uncle or William I am very uneasy I never
have received from any of them since I arrived here
its mighty unpleasant boarding with such a large
family if I had a little place of my own I would
feel more satisfied children is always troublesome
although Mr. McGuire is kind I cannot help feeling
a little as if I was in the way I am conscious he
could make a great deal more by other Boarders
he has been a friend to me in need I am indebted
to him a good sum although he never hints such
a thing to me he has a large payment to make
about the latter end of April I assure you it vexes me
a good deal, so soon as I hear from Uncle there
is a little place convenient to Mr McGuire I will
move into it its a little bit of a log cabin I would
have been in it ere this but I had not the means
to purchase what articles of furniture I required
I have entered four of my children to the school
the [they?] were going to last year, they [the?] remarks
you made concerning Aunt Nicol was perfectly
correct when she arrived in Augusta she met
with a great many kind relations the [McHarpers?]
paid her house rent and let her have a negro boy
to wait on her during her stay in Augusta I
Boarded with her I had an opportunity of seeing
how she got along I dont reckon her childrens
Education cost her much Robert Clarke had her
Daughter sent to Sparta to finish her Education
this helped Aunt to get along and leaving her husband
every one felt for her I know she deserves great
credit I had a letter from her a few weeks ago
she says her health is a good deal on the decline
she intends I believe to visit Europe by they [the?]
advise of her Physicians keep this in your
own family she wants to give her relations a
surprise she is very anxious I should accompany
her I am sorry its not in my power
William John I thank you for the interest
you are taken with one and my Family
and your kind present to Willy it shall be
appropriated to his Education although I required
it for other purposes he says he is ashamed to
write to you as soon as ever he improves himself
he will write you a long letter Charles and
him has great controversies who loves them they [the?]
best Willy says he know his Aunt Allen
loves him Charles is shure [sure?] his Aunt Campbell
and Miss Mary loves him Mary says she
dont reckon any one cares for her accept [except?]
cousin Allen she will wear the locket as long as she lives
whenever she sees you she will have some of your
hair and your Old Ladys to [too?] she request you to
kiss your little baby for her and if you have
not one to kiss your Wife
I was sorry to hear Mrs Allen has been so
unfortunate I hope I will hear better news from
you and she will soon bless you with a little
one I know you will Idolize
I wrote your mother last month poor Old
Lady I should like to see her I expect she is a
good deal on the decline you can say to her
she must not think me to selfish at

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