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Title: James Buchanan, Milford to Robert Buchanan, New York.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBuchanan, James/19
SenderBuchanan, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMilford, Co. Donegal, Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientBuchanan, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD1473: Presented by K. Baxter, Milford, Co.Donegal.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland.
Doc. No.9705028
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Co Donegal
31st July 1892.

Dear Robert
On receipt of your letter last week, I at
once wrote you at 228, West 24th St., care
Mr Smith. Should you not have received that
letter you might call for it, and if it has gone
back to the Post Office the handiest way to get it
would be to send a Card to the Postmaster asking
to have the letter addressed to you at 24th St.
sent on to your present address on Eleventh Ave.
I have received a letter from you today, and at
once write to say that if you are likely to be out
of work for a while, the best thing you can do is
to come right home and take a rest. It will be
more comfortable for you now than on your last
visit, and bring your tools and everything
belonging to you with you, - as perhaps you may
stay longer than you think, besides I have not had
a vacation since I came here and we can have some
good fishing at the horse-rock and in the Winter
we can snare as many rabbits in the field as will
keep us in flesh meat, don't spend any time looking
for a job if you are out of work, nor don't lay out
a dollar buying fashionable clothing, but bring your
money with you, we have plenty to eat, I have as
much vegetables growing that I am giving them away,
rather than let them go to loss.
As I wrote in the letter I sent last week, I have
no doubt but if you settled down here, you could
have all the work you wanted after a while.
The work would not be so fine nor so well paid as
you have been accustomed to, but at the end of the
year I believe you would be better off, and you
would certainly be more comfortable than in
New York.
There is that house of Uncle John's you could
have after a while, and as I have some money
laying idle in the Bank if you kept a Carpenter
Shop and a Stock of lumber I do not doubt but you
could make a fair living, certainly better than
being idle in New York, so if you are out, or
likely to be just come home and take a rest and
you can judge for yourself but you have a good
home here and you have none in New York.
We just dug our new potatoes yesterday, they
are first rate, as all our vegetables are, every
thing looks nice in the garden and if you are here
this month you will still be in time for the
gooseberries. Miss Gilliland bids me tell you to
come right away. My father still keeps very well.
Your Affectionate Brother
James Buchanan