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Title: Emigration to Canada
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
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OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
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Relationshipre emigration to Canada
SourceThe Belfast Newsletter, July 5, 1858
ArchiveThe Central Library, Belfast
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TranscriptEMIGRATION TO CANADA - The following observation[s?]
are taken from a letter I have just received in Toronto.
-A gentleman called upon us the other day with a letter
of introduction from the clerk in the - Bank, asking my
husband to do what he could for him, I quite felt for the
young man. He had been to all the principal firms in
Montreal, Quebec, Ottowa [Ottawa?], and Toronto, and could
get nothing-positively nothing to do, although he had been
in business at home, and was willing to do anything. The
North American steamer arrived about the same time as he
did, and he told me that 80 of her passengers were so
disappointed that they intended to return to England in
her. I think it really would be a charity if any one
write to dissuade people from coming to Canada. I was
told by aman [a man?] of business the other day that in
Toronto there are 4,000 or 5,000 unemployed, and
respectable young men are obliged to saw wood to get means
of subsistence. Farming is not so good as people at home
imagine. There are places where you may buy land for the
taxes, but in such places no one could do any good. The
average price of land about Toronto is œ10 a foot front.
About seven or eight years ago a farm might have been
bought for a barrel of whiskey.