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Title: An Irishman in California.
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OriginSan Francisco, California, USA
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Relationshipre Irishmen in California
SourceAn Irishman in California.
ArchiveThe Central Library, Belfast.
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A San Francisco letter says. - Among the residents of
San Francisco the Ulster metropolis is well
represented, and from thence some of our more
prominent citizens hail. The fame and excellence
of Belfast linens are well-known in most American
households; so much so that with some in whose
early studies the department of etymology has been
neglected, the words "linen" and "Belfast" are
looked upon as synonymous terms. Another production
of your enterprising town has recently grown into
popular favour with bibulous Californians. I
allude to "Dunville's old Irish whiskey", which,
when adulterated en route, contrasts so
favourably with the thunder-and-lightning liquid
of American manufacture. Belfast-men here, as a
general thing, and to use a general phrase, hold
their own. They are not so numerous as their
fellow-countrymen of the South and West, but
[as a?] class they are more noted for shrewdness
and frugality. As a rule they are not in so much
favour with, although, perhaps, more respected by,
the American people. The sharp cuteness of the
Yankee is fully equalled by the "wide-awakeness"
of the Ulster-man; and your true Yankee cannot
comprehend how or why a mere Irishman has any
right to exist whom his cuteness is unable to
overreach. As an illustration of the rapid strides
to wealth and influence which some of our
countrymen make in California, I will mention
the instance of our present Mayor, Frank M'Coppin,
Esq. Ten years ago, he arrived in this city a
friendless and impecurious stranger, his first
employment being in the capacity of a labourer
on the first street railroad built in San
Francisco. Today he is one of our "solid men",
and Mayor of this rising and prosperous city of
150,000 inhabitants, having acquired his wealth
and honours through his own energy and the
force of his own innate sterling character.
- Whig.