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Title: [?] Co. Tyrone, to Joseph Miller, U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCookstown, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientMiller, Joseph
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3491/2: Photocopied by Courtesy of Mrs. M. N. Comfort.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9802544
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Doc. TypeLTE
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TranscriptTo : Joseph Millar
New York,

From : A relative in Cookstown,
Co. Tyrone,

February [1870?]

Joseph dear this oppertunity [opportunity?] in riting
[writing?] you these few lines to let you know that
we are all well thanks be to God for all his
Greatness to us all at this and every other
time we received a news paper from you in due time
20 days after your date of Willy [William?] is
ploughing now John is at School he is getting on well
now. he is in booking [book-keeping?] will soon be
ready for any bisiness [business?] Serah [Sarah?]
Jane and Ma [Mother?] and Little - Thomas James
is busy in the house and I am atending [attending?]
to see every thing right about the house so far as
I can Joseph I have long and peasantly [patiently?]
waited for a letter from you we were watching the
poste [post?] every morning this three weeks past
so I could wait no Longer so I sit down to rite
[write?] to you in hopes that we will have a Letter
from you to-morrow [tomorrow?] or next day or the [they?]
might meet each other on their way uncle Thomas
Irvin [Irvine?] Ant [Aunt?] Jane is all well uncle
Thomas and Susan was over here this day young Jane
is down at [--ble?] this week Joseph and Adam and all
is well bob [Robert?] is in Cookstown in Mr Edward
Lillies store Grocer [----?] bran grain deal is a
great Merchant bob [Robert?] Likes his situation
very well and is now a big boy uncle Walter Young
ant [aunt?] Susan and their Family is all well and
doing very well uncle John Miller Ant [aunt?]
Margaret is all well he was up here last Sunday
uncle Thomas McAlessh [McAleese?] [MacAleese?] Ant
[aunt?] Susan and Family is all well [-----?] was
here last night Thomas is getting on well at his
blacksmith trade he was not in our house but once
since he went to his trade uncle Mathew [Matthew?]
Megaghey ant [aunt?] Mary and Family is all well
uncle Mathew [Matthew?] has a brother lives in
New York he has sent for Mary and Serah [Sarah?]
I do not no [know?] wither [whether?] they will go
or not yet there is a letter from bob [Robert?]
Carson and Matilda 3 days ago they have one child
the 3 Likeness in one card they Look well Matilda sent
œ1-10-6 in this Letter Henry Lenard [Leonard?] and
Margaret and their 2 sons is all well - I had a letter
from John Johnston 3 weeks ago they are all well Wm
[William?] is got married I did not answer his letter
yet his ant [aunt?] Mary McCord is not to [too?] well
this while past I am waiting to [until?] she comes over
and then I will rite [write?] to him Johns Ant
[Aunt?] Mary McCord had a fine [cau--?] [torn]
died about 10 days ago it is a very [great?] [torn]
Loss to her she was worth about œ12-0 she died in
calving inflamation [inflammation?] in the Calf
bed they are all well William ray [Ray?] [Wray?]
was here last monday he bes [is?] always about you
and I show [showed?] him your Letters they are
all well and sends their kind Love to you William
and Jane [McCord?] [torn] wishes to be remembered
to you this has been a very severe Winter here we
[h--?] [torn] had frost for the last 10 weeks it is
[nam--?] [torn] turned to reain [rain?] your ma
[mother?] is wishing thr [w-?] [torn] she was with
you for she says she does [n--?] [torn] sleep about
you she is always thinking about you wondering
what you and [Luci-?] [torn] and Albert James is
doing there is a great many sudent [sudden?]
deaths in this country you do not know any of them
the Rev [Revernd?] Mr. [[Mec?] Ractor [Rector?] of
Ardtrea calls in our house [to?] see us he never
for gets (sic) to ask about you he had a tea party
for the scalars [scholars?] of Ardtrea Johny [Johnny?]
was at it he says he must have Serah [Sarah?] Jane
and Thomas James the next time he is a very [han---?]
[torn] Gentle man (sic) he has a wife and no
children the Rev [Reverend?] Mr. Fergusons son
Willy [William?] went to Belfast to be a drapers
Clark [clerk?] he served 4 years and one more [to?]
serve but he is now home in bad health 2 Months ago
I want to know [torn] [if?] you had any word from
My cusin [cousin?] [----?] [torn] [--ice?] there is
a great many sudent [sudden?] deaths [here?] I think
that time will I can come when I will not be here
to rite [write?] to you nor [torn] hear yours red
[read?] May the lord bless you all and me Like
wise (sic) I can not find as yet my apertunity
[opportunity?] of sending you the corn and the
wheat I am watching for some one (sic) going out
there Johny [Johnny?] Marks went out to New ork
[York?] 14 months ago has sent his Father [torn]
11-0-0 his Father has got his Land back again
young James Burns is dead in Austrilia [Australia?]
Left a wife & 4 children his Father had letter from
them last week well Joseph I am coming to a close
by sending kind love to all of you on that
side of the Great river by your da [father?] & Ma
[mother?] Willy [William?] Serah [Sarah?] Jane and
little Thomas [torn] [James?] rite [write?] soon
for your Ma [Mother?] is watching for it