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Title: [?], Milwaukee to "Dr John".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationdistillery business?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipre distillery business
SourceDonated by Mr and Mrs S. V. Thompson, 4 Grove Park, Lenzie, Glasgow G66 5AH
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh
Doc. No.9508156
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT, 15:08:95.
Word Count484
Transcript12 Fifth Street
June 15 1875

Dr [Dear?] John All communications to me hereafter, no matter
where I may be employed address as above and they will be
deposited in a letter box at any [faded] the is [among?]
I [had?] [-t?] being in the service of Mallon & Phelan. At
happened in this way - Mallon & P. [Phelan?] supply the
distillers [-----?] [Milwaukee?] with large quantius
[quantities?] of ground as they were not very close buyers, (Wm.
[William?] Green used to say he would [-all?] [---?] distillers
in the market than ten mealmen) they of course [liken?] to have
their trade - But there was one difficulty about it the
distillers wished to conceal as much as possible from the
revenue officers the quantity of grain they used & there has
been a continued [preference?] [below?] [-----?] my [employees?]
for [y---s?] about keeping the distillers accounts they
[wanting?] the [---t--s?] about justified preposing [At?] length
about the [1-?] of May the authorities at Washington ordered a
general [amnesty?] [--?] the distillers [---tif--s?] [is?]
[-----?] [Mi---?] keep [-----?] [poor?] them as death comes in
[most?] [possible?] in as [unexp---?] [faded] [--g?] [--p?]
[present?] [still?] [---?] [the?] [indency?] of the [---?]
[faded] [--ty?] the office [---s?] [acceptable?] [when?] [----?]
& [----m?] along [---?] [him?] [nothing?] [----lly?] [faded] the
[---ks?] [f----?] [---?] them [g---?]
we [faded] [---ght?]
The reason the distillers wish to conseal [conceal?] the
amount of grain used is because the revenue office can then tell
very early what amount of spirits is made [--nd?] thus have a
check [upon?] [them?] [relating?] to this amount of duties they
show [--?] - it is remarkable that [faded] [till?] [version?] &
the whole [bequest?] happen is almost [-------?] the hands of
Jews [faded] they [----?] regarding themselves as the two only
representatives of the [missuse?] dispensation & the latter as
the time only presentations of the dispensation [faded]
commission is compound here - Mallin & Phelan are both Irish
papists & stop [at?] [no?] [fraud?] they are accomplish in the
pursuit of wealth - when I told them that I knew not what they
would swear I was lying for I knew very well they would both
swear whatever they thought would suit the case - Still neither
[of?] [them?] would [act?] [wild?] in a [frenzy?] - They go to
hear or see mass up their finger (sic) [faded] would sign
themselves with a cross & [have?] something laid up [faded] -
They will both swear like troopers by the supremest names
[faded] by the virgin or a saint for then the [faded] [open?]
[----ll--?] them [faded] [practycally?] not any in the men
[noticed?] but in the thousands [faded] to it & static their all
upon it.