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Title: [?], [Michigan, U.S.A.?] To [Robert?], [Co.Londonderry?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarm labourer
Sender Religionunknown
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.1866/8: Copied by Permission of Miss E M Thompson, Wayside, Articlave, Co. Londonderry, Ireland. #TYPE EMG [? Michigan, U.S.A.] To "My Dear Robt". [Articlave, Co. Londonderry]. 26th November 1883.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8901001
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count779
TranscriptCurry Farm
Sunday 26th November 1883

My Dear Robt [Robert?]
I recd [received?] your ever welcome
letter on Friday [?] also one from Joe
[M L?] tell him I'll write him soon. Your
letter to me was the only consoaling [consoling?] one I
got from home. I endorse evey [every?] word in it
you say [Adei?] & some other might
have done more & saied [said?] more than they
did and as far as I can gather all
others are wireing [wiring?] in for selling the last
[paving?] stone. In the first place I have
made nothing of it, but [driven?] out of
a dear old home to a wild God forgotten
[awful?] country to face, & work to Strangers
at work I would not do at home & under
anything but good health. I am sory [sorry?] I
did not remain in ["Hobuckeu"?] I never
had pain or ache until I came here
& [even?] Mrs Isaih [Isaiah?] curry knew the differnse [difference?]
5 years ago after she came here from Canada
I think it is the wather [weather?]. I am at work
from 5 till dark at everything & am
doing work that these canadians or others
can not do, after I fixed up our 300
[trees?] & [staked?] them [&?] made draines [drains? or ditches
some 3 + + feet & made a pipe of the
best pine boards & took water off the land
& has it as dry as our garden. Tom Curry
(the owner) is [driving?] up every now other
& always someone with him to see what
I have done. I am at everything else that is
to be done round the place. There are 13
horses 30 cows & young stock & 6 pigs
all these are attended to 3 times a day by
Isaih & myself I clean, feed & attend to
the horses when I get up, & he milks &
attends to the cows the sheep require little
as yet. I am often down in [Iawas?]
with a team & can drive a pair in
double harness like a book. I hear from
parties that curry is well taken with me
I was down on Thursday for a waggon
of lumber (which means all cut timber)
& Curry wants me to engage a year with
him after we press 100 Tons of Hay which
will take a month he would want me to
go down to attend [bar?] & chore about
all summer & take another acre off the
orchard & go into vegetables strong
they have a big place in East [Saginait?]
& will require stuff down by the Boat any
week at the same time I would have a
general care or change over all the place
[A?] man & his wife who would be here
Isaihs [Isaiah's?] place & Mrs Currys. I told him I
would give him an answer in a Month or
so after the pressing of the hay. If maggie
was here [&?] undertake to cook &c I hear as
much as he would want me to "run"
the place that is manage all but he wants
me for the gardening business. I. Curry with
[me?] leaving here for Canada in April to a
farm of their own & they are glad to go
I would not care for Maggie to be a servant
here having to be up at 5 until Summer
and have breakfast on the table for a lot of men in the harvest &
hay time all men. [grub?] & Sleep here when they are working. all
food is provided of the best. Of course your work is never done here
Sunday or Saturday I would rather have a herring at home as all their
d - d pastry & tarts &c I can & have done all sorts of work light & heavy
dry & wet but milk Butcher & shoeshorse all these [and more?] is supposed to
do yourself Tom Curry wants me to take down a house as big as yours & remove
it to near his house for a workshop &c for me or anyone else to do little
[jobs?] or smith or carpenter work. I wish the hay was all pressed it is
heavy I have to fork all of the mow & forward to the machine & [roll?] in
all the bales [?] [?] I. Curry feeds & a boy [dries?] the horse, you may
guess the size of the barns here when one holds 150 Tons of hay with [?]
Except home I could not be happier or better cared for than here as far as
bed & board & do as I like in some ways.