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Title: John James Murphy to Martin Murphy, 10 November 1867
CollectionArgentina - Murphy
SenderMurphy, John James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationcattle breeder
Sender Religionunknown
OriginUncalito, Argentina
DestinationHaysland, Co. Wexford, Ireland
RecipientMurphy, Martin
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count557
Genresettling payments
TranscriptFlor del Uncalito

My dear friends,

I am in the eve of leaving for Bs. As., and for that reason I think it better to write a part of my before I leave here, fearing the time I may have to spare in the city will be but little, as generally is the case at this season. My principal object for writing to you now is concerning the question of the passages so long in dispute, as at least so long concealed in mystery. The whole thing turns out to arrive almost to a swindle between Barry & Walker and Wilks the agent. Royden & Sons' letter that you sent us brother William immediately enclosed it into Barry & Walker, and a receipt of same. They wrote out to him that they never paid the money, but Wilks before going to England told me he had received it all right. But what I believe to be the case is that Wilks owed money to Barry & Walker and that they regulated this account with it, and consequently never entered it on the ships' Books, or that Wilks to oblige Barry & Walker left them the money and merely told me he had received it. William on leaving the money with Barry got a receipt from him, and told him to get a receipt from Wilks for it. The first time I went to Bs. As. I asked Barry to let me see the receipt he got from Wilks, but after some shuffling about and as he said so busy that he should let me have it another time. But me not having his receipt to return him I could not demand it, though I suspected at the time there were something wrong. The reason of the misunderstanding concerning the passages of the Roches Family was owing to William's sister-in-law that's married in Bs. As. having paid their passage on their arrival. And William when he went to pay the money knew nothing of it neither did he for a long time after. As I go to Bs. As. now I may be able say more to you and the matter as I am likely to handle these gentlemen somewhat roughly.
Bs. Ayres, 21st. In relation to the passage money I find at my arrival here that neither Barry & Walker nor Wilks has done any thing about it. I have now paid the amount £64 to Captain Sanders' son, who is leaving here for England. His father is part-owner of the Zingara. I got a part of the cash from Barry & Walker, and took goods out to the value of the remainder as it's well to get it any way. I have sold some of the Uncalito wool that came in early at 60 dollars per arroba 25 lbs. The Rojas wool I sold this week at 54 dollars per arroba, So you see the fall in the market in a few days. I have got but little time to write, as I am very busy preparing to start for outside tomorrow. The train starts at 6 o'clock A.M. and I conclude by hoping this may find all in the enjoyment of good health, is the prayers of your dear and ever affectionate brother,

John J. Murphy