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Title: James Buchanan, Milford to Robert Buchanan, New York.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBuchanan, James/110
SenderBuchanan, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMilford, Co. Donegal, Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientBuchanan, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD1473: Presented by K. Baxter, Milford, Co.Donegal.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland.
Doc. No.9705010
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Co Donegal

10th October 1891.

My dear Robert
I received your kind letter last week
with enclosed P.O. Order for seven pounds,
don't send any more money, as I could have
got along during the Winter with what I
had but now we will be able to live in
I still continue to keep myself busy
fixing things about the house and Garden.
I am trying to make the house as comfortable
as possible for the Winter, I think I have
put more putty and paint on it than has been
done since it was built. I have had the
walls whitewashed from Kitchen to Garret,
which is my bed-room where I am now writing,
I have had the walls colored a kind of pink
color, I have had two good metal Sky-lights
put in, the doors and floors painted, and
used about seven pounds of putty to fill up
the seams in the old boards, I have put up
shelving for my books and put a grate in the
room, and have now a good turf fire at my
elbow while I write. You remember what a
dirty uncomfortable room it was, I now have
it a clean and comfortable bed-room, I have
put pulleys on all the windows of the house
and just finished the painting of the
windows inside and out for this year.
The parlour is now carpeted I had a
registered Grate put in and it is now as
good a room as is in town.
The Kitchen is very white and very clean, I
have used a good many barrels of lime, I have
worn out two white-wash brushes, one Trowel,
and three paint brushes; I put up some metal
spouting and a Sky-light at the Kitchen and
have three barrels, painted red, into which
runs plenty of rain-water. The inner yard has
been converted into a regular flower garden,
with a Rockery in the Centre, on top of which
is the old Knocking-Stone painted White, and
Ferns growing out of the hole in the middle.
The Outer Yard is now useful, I made it
bigger, and built a good stone wall across
the garden twelve feet high, from Russels to
Hayes, so that a horse and cart can come in,
turn, and go out. I have a big turf Stack
(about 40 loads) built on twelve feet Posts,
which gives us a good Shed under which I have
a ton of coal a load of bog fir, and a new
barrel of Oil which I have not yet opened, if
anything should set fire to the barrel of oil,
the fir, and the turf stack there would be such
a blaze as would set the whole town on fire,
and if no disaster of the kind happens we will
have plenty of fire and light for the Winter.
My Father continues to enjoy good health he
don't drink much whiskey (he don't get it) but
he gets good nourishing food, he eats an egg to
his breakfast in bed every morning, (today,
Sunday we have just had dinner, he eat a leg of
Chicken, a slice of bacon, 3 potatoes, a Saucer
of apple-dumpling and a cup of milk, and at
tea-time he will enjoy his meal, every body says
he is much improved since I came home, so he is,
he is kept clean and well cared for, I forgot to
say we had the last of our Peas to dinner, but
we have still plenty of Vegetables, Cabbage and
Curleys, and Lettuce and Parsnips an Carrots,
for the Winter.
Yesterday, I sent to Coleraine for twenty-five
goose-berry bushes so that if you came home next
Summer, you will have plenty of gooseberries.
If business is bad in New York this winter, come
home it will be cheaper for you than wandering
about out of work. I have good grass and clover
in the field and plenty of Rabbits, you can help
to snare them during the Winter.
James Buchanan.
Miss Gilliland and Father join in love
Miss G [Gilliland?]- is talking about you all
the time & says you won't know the House when
you come.
The Lamp Wicks never came. I suppose the
Papers were opened at the P.Office [Post office?].
I noticed several of your Papers with the Corners torn
letter tie them with a string. You put too
many wicks in the Paper, they will now open
all Papers sent to me.
Just put 1 wick for "Student Lamp", put it
inside a Paper and address it to Mrs Haslett.