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Title: John James Murphy to Martin Murphy, 20 December 1872
CollectionArgentina - Murphy
SenderMurphy, John James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationcattle breeder
Sender Religionunknown
OriginUncalito, Argentina
DestinationHaysland, Co. Wexford, Ireland
RecipientMurphy, Martin
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count292
Genresettling debts, local economy
TranscriptFlor del Uncalito

Dear Brother,
I have been dependent [torn] on your generosity this long time by ordering [torn] articles & circumstances that I am [torn] safe to think that the amt. I send you well be sufficient to pay all I owe. John Hoare sent me the acct. by Byrne of the harness & chest. The sum total is £5-15s-6d, which you will be also pleased to pay. I enclose in this a Bank Bill for £24 for Mrs. Margaret Howlin (Ballyell), from her son James. Please hand over to Father Reville the first opportunity £5 of this I send you. He know what to do with it. All the Friends out here are well & as I start for Bs. As. on tomorrow I have the finishing of this letter there. The Rojas wool, nor that part of Uncalito wool I sent to Bs. As. is not yet sold. Market's very dull. Send you [torn]James a few papers (regardless irrespective of date) that [torn] might be interesting to Mr. Meadows [torn] them. They say much of the works going [torn] this country. December 23, 1872. [torn] Brother, I send James a Bill for £150, [torn] of which he will give to you for the purposes above mentioned. Also divide amongst the most deserving poor of the parish £5 in sums as you think fit. If Bess Murphy is still leaving don't forget her, though not of the parish. We are all well. Wool looking up. Land in great demand. I was told to day to name my terms for Uncalito. I feel slow move in selling it, at lease for some time. My love to all from your dear brother,