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Title: John James Murphy to Martin Murphy, 30 October 1873
CollectionArgentina - Murphy
SenderMurphy, John James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationcattle breeder
Sender Religionunknown
OriginUncalito, Argentina
DestinationHaysland, Co. Wexford, Ireland
RecipientMurphy, Martin
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count487
Genremoney, cattle business, profits
TranscriptFlor del Uncalito

Dear Brother Martin,
James Murphy’s brother John requested me if I could get out some money for him, as he has tried several times and the letters have not arrived. I told him the safest way that could be done was by his brother handing over the amount to you, and I on receipt of the letters to that effect, would pass the sum to him and would save expense to both. He altogether approved of the plan and asked me to oblige him by having it done so consequently and receipt of this, in which you find enclosed a letter for James Murphy from his brother John, with instructions what to do. Hand it over to him and wait
and notify me the steps he takes in the matter. 120 or 130 £ is the sum John requests him to send. Take whatever amount he offers you, but not less than 100 £, one hundred pounds, and give him a receipt for same. Do you keep 50 £, fifty pounds, and give James the balance that may be per account of this years sheep business here. I have finished my shearing in the 17th and sold the wool of this place five days ago at 70 dollars per arroba of 25 lbs. Price for stock and produce has not been as high this year as last, though we cannot complain. Fat sheep at from 45 to 50, and wool at the same for 70, free of all expenses is enumerating prices and pay the farmer well. I sold 2,000 fat sheep, but will have to sell sheep by the cut at March, as my increase exceeded the sales. Less than the 1/3 of the wool money of this place, along with what I have already in the bank from previous sales, will suffice to pay all of my debts once more. Of course, there are a good large accounts owed me here, but these accounts I let them stand as a dead letter in my calculations. I seldom include them in the accounts I give you. Therefore, I calculate after squaring up all and selling the Rojas’ wool, that I may have at my command about 2,000 £ to put by for a beginning. As I intend going to Buenos Aires in a day or two, I shall leave the finishing of this till there. After reading Murphy’s letter, close it, and send it to him. Buenos Aires, November 13th. Dear Brother, I start for home on tomorrow, having here five days. The price of wool remains low. I did well by selling outside. There is no particular news. Ronan, Kate Whitty’s brother-in-law, is arrived out, and a daughter of James Watt’s with him. We don’t know who is the fair bride. All well love to all, and I remain your dear brother,