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Title: Patrick Murphy to Martin Murphy, 10 April 1874
CollectionArgentina - Murphy
SenderMurphy, Patrick
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationcattle breeder
Sender Religionunknown
OriginEstancia Caldera, Rojas, Argentina
DestinationHaysland, Co. Wexford, Ireland
RecipientMurphy, Martin
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count725
Genreillness, decease, family, correspondence, schooling,family visit
TranscriptEstancia Caldera

Dear Brother Martin,
You will no doubt be a little surprised to learn that I did not write you ere this, having now I believe to acknowledge the receipt of at least two letters from you since I wrote, one by Kate Cormack and another since, the former containing the likenesses of the young lads, which came out first rate, and by their appearance it’s evident that there is comfort and care bestowed on them in their new home. I cannot refrain longer in telling you we are all anxiety until we hear from you again, in consequence of receiving the other day a letter form Mr Mansfield, stating that all the children of the parish were knocked down with hooping cough, Nicholas and Johnny included. A son of his dead with that treacherous disease, but at the time of writing he imagined the worst of the case had passed over our two lads. Your care and attention to them in the hour of need has been truly appreciated, and should it please the Almighty to call them to a better world, ye may rest content that a censure or accusation will never be entertained against ye. On the contrary, be please to accept our heartfelt thanks for your parental kindness and protection. We had the pleasure of a visit from George Furlong about six weeks since. He is in good health, and is at present located in Uncalito with brother John. Simon Gaul also came to see us the other day, after his arrival back. From the latter account, I feel happy in congratulating you on the favourable turn the season have taken, and my sincere wish is that the may continue so for many years. But indeed I assure you the description George and you portray of the Old Country is not ever sprightly, and I am sorry to say not the least encouraging for any one to revisit it, except merely for the purpose of seeing their friends, and return again after a few months sojourn. I enclose the most part of envelope which enclosed Mr Mansfield’s letter. You will deliver the same so that he can see the letter was never registered. But it’s evident that the industrious people yonder know how to defraud the public, perhaps to [a] greater extent than they do here. Tell Mr Mansfield I send no answer to his, as he promised to write again in five or six weeks in hope of having better news to record. We heartily sympathise with him in his affliction. You spoke of having traced a letter of mine as far as Wexford, but I never sent any one by hand. The way the affair must have occurred, I always for more security enclose my letter to a Mr Lett in Buenos Aires (a young man from near Enniscorthy), to post them for me. He having a brother in business in Dublin, so it’s very probable he wrote his brother at that time and enclosed my letter also. We are busy this good while making preparations for the end of this month to send our two girls to College. The latter is situated in the town of Chivilcoy, about 25 leagues distant on the road to Buenos Aires, in charge of an Irish woman of excellent attainments. It will cost me yearly at least £ 40 each for board and education alone, rather stiff. This outlay will come very heavy on us yet, when it is known we are in debt for our little home yet. But even so the time has arrived that we should strain a point and sacrifice a portion of our comfort for the express purpose of making them fit members of society. We had a visit on the 25th ultimo of brother William and his whole family. He has lately purchased a splendid new family coach, capable of carrying with ease the whole troupe. They are were all in robust health when leaving here after spending three days with us. We are all in good health likewise, and sincerely hope this will find ye all enjoying the same blessing, thanks to God for all his favours. We all join in kind remembrance to ye all, without distinction, and I remain your dear brother,