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Title: Cissie M. Gahan to Ellen, 4 May 1925
CollectionArgentina - Murphy
SenderGahan (Murphy), Cissie M.
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLondon, England
DestinationBuenos Aires, Argentina?
RecipientJoyce (n. Furlong), Ellen
Recipient Genderfemale
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Word Count465
Genrewedding, family
Transcript48 Green Street, London

My Dear Ellen,
I should have written to you long ago & given you all our news, but you can't imagine all I have had to think about lately. You will be surprised to hear that my big daughter Minnie is married, & now away in Rome on her honeymoon. The wedding was on the 22nd of April, & from this house which I have rented for a few months. Harry arrived home from B.A. on the 23rd March, & from then it was nothing but worry & preparations. The invitations were only out a few days before the wedding, as his only sister was very ill abroad & we were not sure if the event would have to be postponed. She arrived over here with the mother just four days before the wedding.
Then my poor Nellie (my third girl) was ill after having pleurisy in Switzerland, and the Drs would not allow her to stay in London, so she was not even up here for the wedding. Altogether it was a most worrying time, but everything went off well & friends said the church looked beautiful, & also the bride, etc. etc. We had a few people here after the ceremony. Monsignor Cocks, our rector from Eastbourne, married them, & the service was very short as Harry is not a Catholic. Minnie's dress was white crêpe satin with a long train of lace bordered with the satin, & a plain tulle veil. She looked quite sweet. Elsie & Madge Lawrence were the bridesmaids & wore flowered chiffon dresses & large mauve hats. The presents were mostly silver things, as she will be going to live in Buenos Aires. I don't feel that she is married, but when they leave for B.A. in July or August I shall miss her. She had cables from Jack, Millie, Martin & Lola, & Nico's widow, & also from other friends out there. I had this house until the end of June, but am now giving it up as Nellie can't come back for two or three months. She has to fatten up & put on weight, as she is very thin & run down. My young ones are just getting back to school, so I am kept busy. I had the two boys up here today to do some shopping, & then they went back to Eastbourne with Elsie. We were hoping to have news of Millie coming over but none has come so far. It seems a pity not to have been able to have all our people at the wedding. I am sending you a bit of the cake, though late I fear.
My love to all. Your affectionate cousin,
Cissie M. Gahan