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Title: Murphy, Kate A to Pettit, John, 1867
CollectionArgentina - Pettit
SenderMurphy, Kate A
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBuenos Aires, Argentina
DestinationMelbourne, Australia
RecipientPettit, John
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count743
Genreletter of introduction
TranscriptBuenos Aires, January 26th, 1867

My dear Cousin,

I have long but vainly waited for a personal introduction with you. My patience is now exhausted so I have resolved that we must make each others acquaintance through the medium of a correspondence, my name is Kate Murphy, daughter to your uncle James Murphy consequently that leaves us nearly related, now you will know that you have another cousin in existence and though many a mile may role between us I must beg to offer you my warmest affection, and sincerely trust that on your part it may be corresponded and in proof of my sincerity I am sending you my 'carte de visite', though it is of little value, nevertheless it will serve to show how I really wish for your friendship.

Notwithstanding you have treated me so badly, I am sure I must candidly tell you that all the family, as well as myself, felt quite indignant with you for sending your treasured photograph to your cousins Sally and Fanny and not to any of our family, your father yes, send one of his to each family, for which we return a thousand thanks, but perhaps beloved cousin I blame you wrongly, you may have wished only to honour your correspondents – but now that I can call myself among the number, I wish you to confer on me the same honour, do not forget sending me your likeness the first time you write and I will forgive you, but on other conditions I cannot do so. I need scarcely tell you of our curiosity and anxiety to see your likeness, we were comparing with those of your cousins who are of your age, but I assure you, you look much younger than they do, the climate must agree with you very well. Aunt says your father is also looking very well and stout, of course in that I cannot give my opinion, I suppose I was not even in the world when he left this country. I think dear Cousin you have the likeness of all my brothers and sisters with the exception of one sister but she is going to send you hers the next time I write, I must tell you now the number of our family. I have five sisters and four brothers of which I am the youngest of the family except one brother, two of my sisters were married but one is now a widow (it is she is going to send her likeness next time) and one of my sisters is a Sister of Charity in a French Convent which is in B. Ayres. So it leaves only two remaining at home, which is myself and the third eldest. Three of my brothers are at home and the youngest is still at College he is in a Jesuit College in Buenos Aires.

Dear Cousin, when will you come out and pay us a visit, it would not be so difficult for you to come if there only for a short time. I am certain you must feel great anxiety to see your native country and a land where so many friends and relations dwell, now the country is not so agreeable as it is still at war with Paraguay and it is doubtful to say when it may end. I am now in town, probably you are aware that we live in the country parts, about sixty miles from town, when we come to Buenos Aires, we always stop at our Aunt Mrs Moore’s house, where I am at present. Aunt desires me to tell your father that father MacCarthy is in Buenos Aires for the last year or two and it is sad to think he is writing against the Catholic Religion. I believe the man cannot be right in his senses, he neither says Mass or officiates in any way, he really is more like a protestant minister than a Catholic Clergy-man. I think dear Cousin I will be tiring you of this long introduction. I must beg before concluding that you will not forget answering me and sending me your “Carte de visite”. Sally and Aunt send you and your father their warmest love as also all the rest of your cousins and relations and except the fondest friendship and deepest affection of your absent but loving cousin,

Kate A. Murphy

Many kind regards to your father and remember to write soon.