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Title: Reynolds, Mary Ann to Reynolds (n. Kavanagh), Mary Ann, 1881
CollectionThe Reynolds Letters. An Irish Emigrant Family in Late Victorian Manchester [L.W. McBride]
SenderReynolds, Mary Ann
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationlinen worker
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSalford, England
DestinationChicago, Illinois, USA
RecipientReynolds (n. Kavanagh), Mary Ann
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count605
Genreweather, politics, family, correspondence
Transcript281 Regent Rd
Feb 10th 1881

Dear Mary Ann,
I Recived your Kind Letter and card from Willey which gave us
great pleashure to heare that you & Laurence and the children ware
all well as we are in the ingoyement of good Health at presant, thanks
Be to god.
Dear Mary Ann, we had a very Severe winter the most Severest
that was for 20 or 50 years. The frost was Something Dreadful while
it Lasterd 3 week very Severe. It was as Bad as America. I think it was
worse because we had a very heavy fogg with it. We have very heavy
Rains for the Last Week. So you may think what a very unhealthy
countray this is to live in.
Dear Mary Ann, we have great Debating about Ireland in
Parlimen[t]. I supose you get all the newse in chicagoe. It is Something
Dreadfull how the ministers is going on. By the time you get
this Letter the coercion Bill will Be pased for Ireland. The most
Shameful lest Bill Ever was pased in a Sevelised [civilised] countray By
a lot of Tory Land Lords. The[y] Have taken poor Mr Davitt up Last
week. He is in a convicts sell [cell] now. The[y| had not pations
[patience] to wate for the Bill to Be pased Before the wood do their
Dirty work. It is to be Hoped that America will Do Something now
for when the Bill Be pased we Expect that a lot of the Land League will |be| put in prison. We had a great meetin Last night in the Manchester
free trade hall Last night. It was full to Excess and as many
more out Side. It was calling on the English people to protest against
the govcrment in pasing the coercion Bill. Mr. Silivan M.P. and Mr
Dillon M.P. mad[e] gran[d] speeches The countrary [country] is very
much Excited at presant. The gover ment is trying all the[y] can to get
up plots against the Irish in England to cause ill feeling B ett ween Both
partys. One time it will Be a feenion out Rage, an other time the[y]
are going to Blow up all the Barickexs in England. We had an Explosion
in Salford Barix But the[y] took all the aminicon and powder
away before the Explosion took place and the[y] said it was a feenion
out Rage after doing it themselves. When we heard it we [k]new it
was all a plot of their ow[n] making.
Dear Mary Ann, Trade was very Slack Since the knew [new] yeare
Set in. We ware Slack But we think it was the weather Been so very
John & his wife is well and Doing well. When he Seen your Letter
he was proud to hi ere what a big man his name Sake Jonney is. He is
Sending him a presant of a prayer Book and he Hopes he will live to
Be a great man and a home rooler like his unkles in Manchester.
Dear Mary Ann, William Sent a Letter to Lizzy OToole when I
sent you the Letter Before cristmas. The[y] war Both posted same
time and a nice cristmas cards in it and She never answered it yet. He
feels very much hurt. I think She mite think it worth hir while to
answer it.
Mothers health is prety good. She was not So good in the frosty
weather. She is beter now.
Mother William & Patrick goyn in Sending their Love to you Laurence
& the children.
M. A. Reynolds

I was Delighted with Willies gift. I will not forget it.