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Title: Robert F Byron, Bay View, Canada West, To Brother, Owen
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileByron, Robert F/27
SenderByron, Robert Francis
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBay View, Canada West, Canada
RecipientByron, Owen
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.2227/2: Copied by Permission of Mrs Young, Gas Works House, Lurgan, Ireland. #TYPE EMG Robert Francis Byron, Bay View, Nr Trenton, Canada West, British North America, to "My Dear Owen", His Brother. 9th August 1857.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8811070
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1545
TranscriptBay View near Trenton Canada West
British North-America 9th August 1857

My Dear Owen
I received your letter on friday night last, all here were
glad to here [hear?] from you, and Margarett, I first must comense
[commence?] to scold you, on your familys account. you are a man
totaly [totally?] different to others and from such more is expected.
Albert gave me sum [some?] ide [idea?] of how your family have so fare
[far?] turned out, and the [?] I have seen I must say that I am convinced
had the [twigs?] been bent in time it would have promised better print.
he was hardly arived [arrived?] here when I was put in posesion
[possession?] of his paper, life, which to you is no credit, you will
wonder when I tell you that in belfast, I have acquaintances, one,
in particular who found out the night before alberts departure, wher
[where?] and to whom he was coming, and duly a [?]. when he arrived
we received him as we should I procured promises of situation for him and
of fair emolument. 75 pounds. Anuel [annual?], but old habits are
difficult to get rid of, he gave way, became for days the laffing
[laughing?] stock of Trenton could not be found untill [until?]
my servant man got him, at last he returned hoam [home?] this
occured [occurred?] twise [twice?], my daughters rarely change words
with him, his wife seems respectable, and would do well here in the
Teaching of a school but I fear she has got an odd mixture of
the duce [juice?] of the barley,in her suck, or otherwise has seen
it used copiously in her mature years, the child seems to have been
used to taisting [tasting?], however I trust all this will pass by
if albert only keeps as he has done [Wm?] Owen Byron.
Now three weeks, I may say at hard labour, as he is assisting
me with the harvest, he has ruined his prospects of situations here
but could I depend upon him I might get him a situation away
from this, but will not do so untill [until?] I can depend upon his
[stability?] and integrity, did one of my suns [sons?] act as he did
I would lath him with a whip or stick from whare [where?] I met him
to his hoam [home?], he is at work for me I must say at hard labour,
in the fields
With regard to my present [?] [?] [life?] [?] comission
[commission?] of the pace [peace?] for the County of Hastings, also
[?] for the same, this is of little use but trouble, I now live in
the Township of Murray and County of Northumberland where I purchased a
farm of 237 acres with house barn & orchard. I have 50 acres of crop
beside hay 7,000 bundles of wheat called shaves [sheaves?] here, 11,000
do [ditto?] of Ry [Rye?] in the Barn & about 10 tons hay in. I have 9 acres of peas to put in 1 of potatoes 2 of Buck wheat 7 of oats and three
quarters of Indian corn, to sow and 15 hay yet I am living here only
since 1st May last. My eldest son John he is marid [married?] to
a person named Houston from Eniscillen [Enniskillen?] her father
belonged to the [?] dept he has [but one?] daughter a fine boy of 7
years old died lately albert was at the funeral he lives 28 miles from me,
in Huntingdon, whare [where?] I last lived he keeps a post office,
Gerge [George?] keeps stoar [store?] or shop in Stirling 16 miles
from me, William is off west in charge of the Greatest Merchantile
[Mercantile?] & Sawed lumber Establishment in Wisconsin U. States at 500 pounds a year he is not marie [married?] stands 6 feet one high a fine looking man, Robert is in California 6 feet 2 high a finer man. 200 lbs to [?] I expect him hoam [home?] Charles is at the law he passed his examinations as an atorney [attorney?] in april last but has to serve 5 years from the 11th of march of 1856, he is now studdying [studying?] in he first office in B[e?]lleville and at the end of that time he passes as a
barrister if he is capable it costs me 15/= per week for his board,
Jean is marid [married?] to a person named McCalay, a R [Roman?] Catholic,
he is a good husband she made this match herslfe [herself?], has 2
childen a boy & girl, Sera [Sara?] is not marid [married?] but verry
[very?] high minded, susan is well educated the last, is now I think
19. Margaret is 14 or 15 for so fare [far?] well educated. Now for a
detale [detail?] of wo [woe?], In 1852 [January?] I was worth 3,450 pounds
cash and property to the amount of about 2,500 pounds I put my boys
in to the mercantile way the [they?] put me in debt so that on the
1st January last I [put?] by [?] money & [property?] 6,211 pounds
13.4. lost all property that could be taken besides I had 120 pounds
anual [annual?] of rents in [trenton?] I have only 27 pounds 10.0.
now has only 3 horses 1 cow 18 sheep, but I have health thank god
and property still value for about 300 pounds this plan I live on
I paid only 200 pounds on it I owe 500 pounds yet and yesterday the
15th I paid 50 pounds more but I could sell it now for 1,400 pounds
it is a handsome place, since I comensed [commenced?] this letter I
think I have got an employment for about 8 months at 7$ per month
with his board to go on a survey as chain holder, where he must save
his money he seems ancteous [anxious?] to help you to come out here
I pay him 2 pounds 10.0. per month while he is a [at?] work for me
I also find his wife & child without cost to him, but if he gows [goes?]
on this survey his wife will gow [go?] [along?] there [?] [?] [K lives?]
[?] [?] can pay for board I can not bear a woman that wishes at all to
tipple or drink and therefore to do myself and feelings justice
I could not live in our house with her as onst [once?] is enough
for me to see the apperance [appearance?] of whiskey on any person
to bear them a lasting haitred [hatred?] particularly a woman but
a this in your letters to Albert do not mention a word a bout
[about?] it as he feels the smart [?] language to him
about her and himself, nor do I think it advisable for you
to refer to his folley [folly?] here only advise him [against?]
the committel [committal?] of any such guilt do not let your sun [son?]
in his writing onst [once?] refer to it as a light trifling mind
is easey [easy?] hurt and often by repulse whare [where?] least expected
[?] [?] back to the like temptation advise him in the strongest terms
to gard [guard?] against and mark that part of your letter private
With regard to yourself answer my question to the leter [letter?]
do you teach arithmethic [arithmetic?] algebra, [?] [?] the use of
the [?], Grammer, [Grammar?] Geogrefy [Geography?], with all the other
rules usual in high schools if so could you hand an examination by a
board of persons [separate?] [?] [those?] [?] [?] [and?] [?]
if so you would receive 100 pounds a year as a terchur [teacher?]
of a comon [common?] school here if you get from this board a first
class ticket or certificate if you think of coming to this country
and that you can pass this [examination?] between albert and myself
we could send for you in May next. Trew [through?] the Grand [Trunk?]
Rail Road. I think albert asked the wife for sum [some?] assistance
to send you but refused she is simply foolish purchasing a dress that
she does not want, who or what she is I no [know?] not but I think
it bad match for him. I maybe decived [deceived?] from my prejudice
on acount [account?] of drink it is [here?] to [too?] chape [cheap?]
My [better half so called?] seemed happy [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]
away from us so does all my daughters, I think rather on the wifes
account all join love to you Margaret and the rest of your family.
I remain your Brother &. &. &.
Robert [Robert?] Francis
I suppose you herd [heard?] of the death Julia Martin of Balinahich
[Ballynahinch?] in New York she was marid [married?] I suppose to
Mr Bells sun [son?] as her husbands name was Bell she died in great
want so that man has little to be proud of when the chit of oppulence
[opulence?] came to that the sins of the fathers were in that case
visited upon the child do not breath one word of what I state to
Albert as he has requested of me not to mention if I find you do it
[?] that [?] [?] as if you did it [?] cause [?] [?]