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Title: Normile, Michael Jr to Normile, Michael Sr, 1865
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderNormile, Michael Jr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstoreman
Sender Religionunknown
OriginWest Maitland, N. South Wales, Australia
DestinationDerry, Co. Clare, Northern Ireland
RecipientNormile, Michael Sr
Recipient Gendermale
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Word Count792
Genrenews, latest events
TranscriptWest Maitland
April 8th 1865
My dear Father
I recived your letter dated Janury 22d which gave me & wife great pleasure to hear that you were all in good health, but on the other hand we are very sorry the way you are situated in your old days. We shall be very uneasy until we hear from you again. I know from my heart that some of your Carrhuduff neighbours is but very glad to see yea dethroned or rejected out of your old hard earned home. They are worse than the bushrangers of Austrilia. My firm beliefe they think there is no (supreme being) over them. I hope and trust in God that honourable Gentleman Mr O Brien wont be said by them to hunt the poor families of Derry far from their
homes. My dear Father I expect Mr Shannon felt heart Broken when he left Derry. He was a good friend to you no doubt. Let me know where Mr Shannon lives in your next letter to me. I will scend him some newspapers to read and remember me to him. I am very sorry for him leaving his old home. I hope you will have better news my dear Father for me in the next letter which I will be anxtiously waiting for until I receive it. I am very thankful to my Brother for scending me the newspapers. It gives me great pleasure to get home catholic papers to read.
I scend you newspapers by every mail that leaves here. I have scend you some by the lase mail. You will see in them concerning a great fire that took place here. The largest place of business that was in this town was burned to the Ground thousands of pounds worth of Goods Destroyed. The day was awful hot, and hot winds blowing a hurrican but thank God there was no lives lost I worked there for many hours day and night. My Employer scend all his men there and shut up all his own places of business –to assist to save the neighbouring houses from distruction.
My dear Father I hope you will tell my Stepmother that I cant get her Brothers address. I get letters very often from Margret. I scend her the letter I got from you of late. She told me that she wrote home. They live a long way from me or I would go to see them. I rode 15 miles one Sunday to see John Lenane. He appointed to come to meet me there but his Employer would not let him come so I was disapointed. I had my 30 miles Journey for nothing. Margret said she would write to hanna Doolan to Sydney about geeing his address. As soon as I get it will scend to my Stepmother.
My dear Father I am verry sorry that I cant scend you some assistance. It takes all my earning to support ourselfs and little family. Every thing is so verry dear boots & clothes is very dear especily anny cotton clothes. All things are dear that a family wants except meat tea & sugar is reasonable we would not grumble at the price. Also you will see by the newspapers I have scend you the price of Flour here. We had no wheat grown in this district for the last two Seasons so that makes the Flour deare.
I received a letter (this day) from Sister Susan from Moreton Bay with her likness, she looks well. They are keeping a large Hotell in Brisbane and
I belive doing very well. There is a great many of the old neighbours located here. Michl. Healy's son & daughters I can see often.
Dear Father I was very much pleased to hear from my uncles & aunts and all the old neighbours. Give my best repects to them all. I am scending three of the youngsters to school the are doing very well at school. We are all in good health thank God so is Patt Neylon wife and family. He wishes to be remembered to you. Bridget wants to be remembered to you dear Father & Stepmother also to her own Mother Brothers and Sister. I cant find out Tom Doolans wifes name until I get his address. I will hunt it out some way or another. I was very happy to hear from America. I hope their husbands wont be slaughtered [in] that merciless war which I would [like] to be at an end.
I have nothing else particular to tell you. But hoping you will have better news for me in your next letter I conclude with our love to you Stepmother Brothers & Sisters your humble son
M Normile