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Title: Burke, Biddy to parents, 1882
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderBurke, Biddy
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationservant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
DestinationBalrobuck Beg, Co. Galway, Ireland
Recipient Genderunknown
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Word Count801
TranscriptMountview House
February the 2 1882
My Dear father & mother
After a lonly christmas I received your letter yesterday the 1st of Feb
which give me a start to heare that my father is not well. I hope that God
will reward you John for your kindnes to him. Dear father it is a hart
broken case that we cannot go & see you but I hope in God that you will
live to see the day that we will all meet together in the old home again for
I can see nothing that takes the memory of it out of my Head. The more
please [places] I see the more I think of Home. So Now father Chear up
& take Courage the is good Hopes across the see. Dear father & mother
I feel so glad to hear that Mary A. & Delia is improving well thank god.
Dear parents I got 5 week Holly days at christmas from my mistres
& I went Home & spent them with uncle. Myself & Patt realy we had a
grand Christmas of it but I woul enjoy it better If I Could have you letter.
It takes such a long time gone & coming. I got a few letters from Patt
Collins. The landed Heare of late. He is in townsevilla [Townsville] & is
all right & likes the Colliney fine.
You will remember me to my Sister Mary & her Children & also to
my uncle Laurence & Children & uncle William Wife & Children or is
Bridg. getting much Bigger. Also to my Aunt Biddy & Husband & family
Aunt Peg & Husband & family uncl Mick wife & family uncl Jim Wife &
famly & tell that Uncle Martin is sending His best respects to them all.
Remember me to all Clude people & parkmore also to all my neighbors,
& well wishers; especle [especially] Jack Borke & Mis Patt Cannavan &
Misis & family and I am so sorrow for Thomas Killela & Part Gallop [?]
Death. May the Lord Have Merrcy on them. There is a lot of sudden
Deathe heare now for the sun is verry Hot.
Dear father & Mother I am sending you a bic of my Hair in re-
membrenc of me. It got So dark I think to long to delay the letter to get
my likness but I will send it in the next letter. The Country is agrean
[agreeing] fine with me & I like itt will [it well]. I go to Mass every Sunday
a nine dock and to vespers at night & so does Patt so ye neadend [needn't]
be uneasy atall about us. This is the finest Country in the wourld for young
people that takes care of themselves. I would like that some of the your,
gerst of that Country would Come out hear. I cannot ask anny body when
I have no sister but I wish I had & I would not leave her 24 hours there
but anny boddy that likes to come out let them wright to me at once
Dear John & Winny
I drop you a few lines hoping that year [ye are] fine & in good health as
this leave me in art preasant thank God. Winny I am sure that you ar
getting plenty to do now for its often I think how do you mannage it atall
I have far bitter [better] times of it now at servis than I had there but I feel
verry lonely on Sunday. When I see all the Girls gone to see ther Mother
I must go to my bed room & Cry my fill.
Dear Winney let me know how all my Cousins doing & also Mrs
Burke & Tho & the Children & also Mr & Mis Goley of Balrobuc &
not forgeting Richard & Mistrs & Mike Bawn & Patt Burke & Missy &
Son & of coors [course] Miko Hession Wife & family & now all the fathers
& Mothers or did Mary McHugh die yet. Wright Me a letter all about
them or does Sibby Dively wright home & if she does send me her adress
J hope to see & mes [?miss] the lot of thim yet.
John I asked for my father & mother likness. I hope you will help
me to get it from them & do not forget to send me Martin Fitzpatrics
adress. I will surely wright to you once a Month & let you do the same I
have no more to say but do not neglect my father for god sake.
I Must Conclude with fond Love remaining yous truely & Loveine
Daughter & Sister for ever
B Burke I Be[?]
P.S. ++++++ God buy [good bye]