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Title: Dalton, William to Hogan, Ned, 1851
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDalton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationprosperous farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Tipperary, Ireland
DestinationNew South Wales, Australia
RecipientHogan, Ned
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipformer employer-former servant
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count714
Genrenews, farming
TranscriptAbbey May 15 1851
Dear Ned
I received yours of the 15th of October on the 1th of aprill last and
would hav answered before now but you will be surprized when I tell you
I had not time to do so. The month of March Came so wet that it is now
Som here are finishing the oat Crop. I was glad to find by your letter that
yee all arrived Safe in Sidney and are employed. I am not Surprized at this
as it is only What yee always Meritteded. The wayge you menton is small
but when the employers there comes to Know year worth I am sure it will
be double the sum you menton. I was Sorry to See by you[r] letter that the
eirls had feavour but [it] was fortunate that they got over it.
There is no great improvement in this Country Sine yee left it. Wee
hav still The potatee blight but not So bad. They heald very well this Winter
and there is a greadale [great deal] planted this Season but wee had a
complate feature in the wheat crop last year. The wheat in abbey did not
produce 3 brls to the acre whilst others had not one. It got Quite Black
like the potatee Blight. This destroyed all the tillage farmers they are all
runing off to america and th lanlords are worse of than the tennants. Scully
ran away to america and left Ballinaclough. He came Back again and would
give it to any one that would take it. The field that James plowed for me
before he went did not Make a barl to the acre and the highest price for
wheat this year is one Shilling. I have Mough now for a guine an acre poor
rates are as high [?as] ever they are 4s.7D in the pound in golden this rate
which Place is become a deserted village. Ther is not a house at this Side
of the Bridge but one and Mr Dwyers house no one taken with it and the
one third is not in the rest of the village. Cloaghleigh is all Deserted there
is no one takin with old Cooks part left Idle. Creagh has the most part
lying Idle. I am Sorry to tell you that your uncle is dead God Knows it is
an ease to him. I Saw your aunt a few day ago. She is well and She was
after getting ten pounds from her Son in law. We hav Tom Scully place in
Kiffe[?] all Idle Since November last. There is an English fellow living in
Killmore he has it for £15 an acre. Ned Kenedy left Mough and is gone
to america his farm Idel and no one taking with the only thing here doing
well is Butter. It is now worth 90 Shillings a cwt. Stock of all Kind is reating
Ned Kenedys Brother who lives in Sidny Sent him 30£ of a few days
ago. I do not Know what will become of it untill we will hear from him.
I am surprized that I Never herd from Matt Blake Since he went or what
is become of him. There are also a good many went from golden and Not
a word from them. I must giv you great Merit for Writing so soon and the
Newspaper was a great treat. You do not Say a word about your frind
Smith O Brine [Smith O'Brien] did you Call to See him. I see by the papers
that he is as mad as ever. He put an end to the repeal before he lef old
Ireland. I cannot compare him to anyone but to Don Quixet When he went
to fight the wind mill. I Send yee a newspaper and will bee always glad to
hear from yee.
Mrs Dalton desires to be remembered to yee all and hav to tell yea
that I hav Buirided Me only Daughter Poor Margret Sine yee left. I hope
as wee held untill now that we will be able to go a head. Remembr me Dear
Ned to your Brothers and Sisters and Blive mee your truly
William Dalton
Mention in your next is there any account of Mrs Dwyer.