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Title: Dalton, William to Hogan, Ned, 1859
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDalton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationprosperous farmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Tipperary, Ireland
DestinationNew South Wales, Australia
RecipientHogan, Ned
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipformer employer-former servant
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count692
Genrenews, economy
TranscriptAbbey Februry 22/59
My Dear Ned
Yours of the 9th December last reached me on the 12th of this month
and I am Sure you will blive me when I tell you how overjoied I felt on
receving it. In deed I gave you all up for lost and being ungreatfull but in
this I find I was Mistaken So far as you are concrned. I receive the Sydney
paper regular for which I feel Most greatfull to you and I am Sure that you
will blive Me when I tell you that I will feel Most happy in hearing from
you. I am glad that all the rest of the family are doing well and in deed
the Could not be otherwise as in living a Most honest Industerus Religious
life if they Should have luck in their undertakes. Remember Me to poor
Mairy when you See her. As to Judy I Suppose She has given us up all for
the husband.
James has got Marrid last Novembr to a girl from Neanagh he got
£1500 fortune he is Now living in Mough. I had house room enough but
his wife preferred living in her own house they were great fools. I left him
all his fortune which I am now Sorry for as I made booth of them Mad
with Money. Mough is greatly improved Since you left. He has a lase of
his own life and thirty one years after for 200 a year what I paid 318 for
and Made Money and educated My family. Land is not to be got for love
or money in this country. Notwithstanding this was the worst year on
tillage farmers that come for the last forty years while those that were in
the graizing line were equally good. Every thing that can be laid on the
grass is gone beyond the value. Mutton 8D and Beef 7D a 1b Pork equally
Dear. In fact there is a great improvement in this Country Booth in the
prices and in Conduct of the people.
You will See by the papers I send you that wee are Seeking tennant
Wright what wee never can get as it is imposible to Frame one. But as the
old Saying is it is by Making fools of half the world the other half lives.
You will think a greadle [great deal] of the Thurless Meeting when you
read it but you will be Surprized when I tell you it was got up by the tag
rag of this Country by a few village attorneys and a Skow pool of a MP
we have the O'Donohoo. He is a Kerry Man he is a frind of O Connels
but Never recoginized him.
But there is in this Country the venom of that ruffin Duffy who is
gone over to ye their young Irelandders who is formed by a parcel of half
educated priests. It was Most afull [awful] to See those young fellows Now
abusing old priests of 50 years Standing fellows that would be Minding
the pigs were it not for peels grant to Mynooth College. They get when in
College a nough to eat and Drink and their education and 25£ a year to
Cloath them. Where it not for this wee would have those fellows rosting
notaries in the ashes as they Were reared. And when there is vacation in
Summer they have this money and in place of coming home to their parents
the are too full of money and them that reared them too poor they go
about Spending and Sporting. I always Said the British goverment Never
gave anythin but to trample on the old country.
I am Sorry that my frind and Couzin is made a fool and a tool of by
that Duffy He tryed his hand in this Country at every but he at last Came
to the Conclution that he was to well Known and to well watched and he
said I will try my hand in Melbourn and glad I will be to have a country
and to Sell[?] it. Mark [erased: you will] . . .