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Title: Dunne, Michael Sr & McDonnell, M. to Dunne, Christopher, 1868
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDunne, Michael Sr & McDonnell, M.
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKells, Co. Meath, Ireland
DestinationBrisbane, Queensland, Ireland
RecipientDunne, Christopher
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count634
TranscriptNorbinstown Octr. 17 1868
Dear Christopher
I hope you have receivd. my letter with the inclosure, The Most Noble
the Marquice of Headfort's letter to Sir John Young in your behalf which
I hope will be, of the greatest importance to you, and Sir John Youngs
letter to The Governor of Queensland, an opertunity I Could not ever reach
to since. The Marquice is away abroad, Sir John also. I have to inform you
that Sir John Young, is going out to the Canadas to be Governor Generalthere. Should you ever wont a Friend I am confidant shure, he will do what
he can for you. Write to me at reciept of this and how you are doing &
how are the Children.
We are all well hear, Thanks to the Great God. All your Brothers &
sisters wishes to be rememberd to you. Mr. McDonnell and all his Family
Mr. Keirnan and Family Christy Farrell and Margret and Child Thomas
Patrick Smith and family sends their love to [?too]—to you, and many of
your forma ur acquantances Sends the Best Respects and Love to you. The
are praying to God for you, and pray always to God, and he will not forget
We have at the present time three days of Devotion to Commince on
Monday the 19th. Inst. Tuesday & Wednesday for the Intention of the
Pope, and the Holy Catholick Church in all parts of the World. It is Equal
to the Counsil of Trent.
Wm. S. Garnett were very proud also Mrs Garnett that you rememberd
them and Children in your letter. Never forget doing so. The are our
best Friends. I suppose you Have no account of James Murtha, he is not
writeing to his Father as usual.
Mr. John Hamill did not come up this year up to the [?friends] or
Mr. Graham. The Both [had] a turn of Sickness, the are now well. Michal
your Brother sees Mr. Close often in Dublin. Price of Grain here, Wheat
30s to 32s Oats 14s & 15s p Barrell potatoes 8s to 9s p Barl.
W. S. Gamete's Brother, Mr. Wead Garnett is goeing to Melbour New
South Weals—to his Mother's Brother who is a Judge in the corts, and
young Mr. Wade Garnett took out his Degrees as Cousil [counsel] is on
His passige to him. I was with him on the day of his departure from Williamstown—
he told me the distence betwen him and you was Great. Should
he Know your adress, he would Communicate with you. So I gave him
your adress we shake hands and parted. Mr. W. S. Garnert appeard at the
moment showd pride that I attended at his departure.
NB, in any of your Difficultys Make your aplication to Sir John
Young and alway make mention of the Most Noble Mrquice Headfort,
and you will never wont a friend.
I will shortly write to you again plase God.
I Remain Dear Christy
Your Loving Father
Michael Dunn
I send you a fue news papers to amuse you.
M. Dunn
Dear Christy
Dear Brother Christopher as this letter passes through my hands I cannot
let the Opertunity Pass without assuring You that I shall bee always happy
to here from You and Your children. I shall write a long letter to you
shortly. I read over Your letter which told me of your trials with much
consern but I trust the are all at an end.
(j) Matt & Bridget & all the Children Richard & Mrs King wishes to
be Kindly Remembered to You and the Children.
I Remain Your Affectionate
Sister M. McDonnell
Mother told me to tell you she Does not forget you in her prayrs nor
Do Father in Heaven the Holy Mass offered for you.