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Title: Dunne, Michael Jr to Dunne, Christopher, 1874
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderDunne, Michael Jr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKells, Co. Meath, Ireland
DestinationBrisbane, Queensland, Ireland
RecipientDunne, Christopher
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count727
Genrenews, economy, farming
August 12th. 74
My Dearest Brother
I hope you will not think it unkind of me not to answer your very
welcome letter befor this but indeed I was extreamely busy. I often sat
down to write to you & could only say a few words when I would have
to leave it there again. I will now send you a long letter to make up for
my long delay.
I mu[st] first tell you how delighted we were to hear that your Mrs
Dunne & Children are enjoying good health which blessing we all enjoy
thanks be to God.
Next I will tell you about Bridget McDonnell. I told her you got her
likeness & how much you like them. I am sure you will be surprised to
hear she went away to a Convent to become a Nun. She stole away without
any one knowing it. She pretended she was going to Oldcastle to see her
Sister Mrs Kenna, she stopped there one night, went the next day to Moate
Convent W. Meath, then wrote to her Parents asking pardon for going as
she did but that she Knew she would not be let go & she could never stand
to bid them adieu. We were all seeying her she is very happy. Maryanne
went to see her also. When she go[?t] herself below nothing could induce
her to come home. She is very happy too. We expect Bridget's reception
sometime the next month. It was put back on account of a Mission that is
going on in that plase. Their Father & Mother felt very uneasy after they
going but the are delighted now.
After that time Mr. McDonnell got a sevear attack of bronchitis. He
was very bad, they did not expect him to recover. He never was in better health
than at present also Mary & the children. Mrs King is not very well
she has a very sore foot she looks very poorly. As for my Mother she is
getting young. Sister Margaret Husband & family are quite well, also Mr
Keirnan & family. Maryanne is anxiously wathing [waiting] a letter from
you, sends her Kindest love to you her Aunt & Cousins.
My Dear Cristy there is a very good prospect this season in Ireland.
Crops are beautiful. America has very much failed, in consequence of banks
closing the peopl are starving & comming back to Ireland in crowds. Mrs
Heardy formerly Betty Farrell from Williamstown gate & her son came
home on a visit. She is stopping with Mrs Farrell of Plubber. She has made
a great purchase in America. She has eight in family one Doctor & a Councillar.
They will return after some time.
There has been many changes about here. Land has become very dear
& some convient eanugh [convenient enough] has changed its owners. Tom
Smyth of Carlenstown his farm was sold by his creditors & purchased by
Bryan Kiernan formerly from the [?Roughan]. It consists of 12 acres rent
& taxes three pound per acre under a bad land Lord for his interest in the
lease twelve hundred pound. Also Patt Morris his farm sold for debt also
bought by John Kelly, Pady Kelly's son who used to make the brooms on
Emlough bog at a similar acarage.
My Dear Christy I will now tell you about the rest of our friends
Uncle Micheals family are quite well. Bridget is here on a visit at present
& sends her kindest love to you, also my Aunt Bridget's family Christy
has no family, they are all together still. My Mother wishes you to write
oftener. It is great joy to her & us all to get a letter from you. I would
write oftener to you but really I do not have one minute for my self. I never
had so much to do as at present. I was very glad to hear you have a peice
of land. We also have a great lot of grass land fifty acres in Nockglass &
as much is [?in] Stoholmack[?] at four pound per acre. I hope you will not
fail but write soon. I will never be so long without to you again. Mother
Brothers & Sisters joins in sending their kindest love to you all & accept
the same from your fond Brother