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Title: Liptrot, Bridget to Doorley, Maria, 1906
CollectionOceans of Consolation [D. Fitzpatrick]
SenderLiptrot, Bridget
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationmill worker
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBolton, Lancashire, England
DestinationQueensland, Australia
RecipientDoorley, Maria
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count458
TranscriptBolton januarey 18th [?1906]
Dear Sister
I reseved yuaor Welkem letter. I got it on Sunday Before chirisans
day. I need not tell you the joy it was Boath to here from you and youar
charity to Me. Maria i thank you from My hart. It is allays a week After
the letter when i get they Mony.
I was verry Well in helt untill the Chirisames [Christmas] Was over
and then i Bugin [began] Wit sore Eyss and Pains in my limes [limbs] and
cold shakes. I could not stand strit up. I then stoped in Bed two days not
Been able to get anney sleap. I Kept nocking about. I were not able to rite
to you anney sooner. I am a good deal Better thank god. I often do Bee
sick But the Weder is verry dark and cold. I went to midnight mass. Youar
letter coming on the Sunday Before made me happy and i at mass first in
my hart wish you a happy chrisams and good helth and all the Children.
I hope that god Prospres them for all there Kind Word and all there Kiness
There are so diferent. Silvester he has nerly Broke my [me]. It is 14
Weeks now Since he did anny work. He is I think going to Be like his
father. He never stopes at Work long. All i did for him is lost. I do not think
he will Be anny good for him self let alone for me. My Mother his
Mother my sister and me done all we could to rere him and now sea. I
never spoake to him for twilve months nor i never will for the way he has
turend out. Only advise him to Be good if ever you rite. When she his Wife
gets the Children littnes taken she Will send them as soun as he gets in
But Maria i must loock to my s[e]lf. I will tell yuo more in my next
letter. I do not feel verry well. I am not verry strong. I speak to his wife
and i am sory for the children. I do not feel for him. He is not whar i
taught. He Would sooner take of Me then give Me. I did Comford my self
lady and did stretnen [?strengthen] my self and allways Will anny more.
No more at Present from Ever youar fond sister
Bridget liptrot
To the Children
Dear sister remember Me to all of them i there aunte. I thank frannces for
her nise letter. The Nunns Come to sea Me some time. When the come
Again i will rede her letter for them.
This is is cates littness. I Had it in a Broach.