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Title: John Caldwell, New York to Robert Simms, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCaldwell, John Jr/34
SenderCaldwell, John Jr.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientSimms, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1815/7: Copied by Permission of the Presbyterian Historical Society, Church House, Fisherwick Place, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8809106
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Transcript[New York?] the 15th May 1806

My Dear Sir

I am just returned from [Sallisberg?] with my brother's
place, & hasten to reply to your letter I advised the
enclosures, but our friend has little time for reading
anything but [?] [?] [?] [?] reports he is at the head of
his profession & daily gaining ground in the estimation of
people of all ranks & all parties - the Co Down Pamphlet is
[really amusing?] & to me who knows all the characters
particularly so tho [though?] I do not feel the same
interest in Irish election affairs as formerly, yet I
rejoiced in the [discomfiture?] of the Presbeterian
[presbyterian?] lord & his redi [ready?] supporters - I
believe I formerly gave you a description of my brothers
farm, Mills &c &c the improvements will then
have been very grat [great?] - He will have the handsomest
farm in the Country, has built a number of Houses, all
which are tenanted & in the village you may see [carried?]
on by different People Shopkeeping [Tanning?], [?]
Shoemaking, Weaving, Spinning, [Smithswork?], Cooperage,
Milling of every description fulling and Dyeing extensively
Machines for Wool Carding - Richard having too much to
attend to has Let his Store to [one?] Brother in Law [James
Rawly?] for whom he is building a House and he has
[removed?] there, where if he lives, I [dare?] venture to
say in the course of seven years, he will have saved more
Money, than he [would?] have cleared in a large & expensive
City, where the Rent of a common House is more than is
exhibited in John [Bronson's?] Rent Roll for the Marquis of
Donegall's [Donegal's?] House - one of the [grandest?]
sights Human imagination can conceive, occurred in the
Neighbourhood of Salisbury a few Nights since there is a
tremendous Mountain, the base of which is almost a Mile from
the Mills - the [trees?] on the Summit of this Mountain for
at least a Mile in extent in a semi circular direction took
fire & blazed with inconceivable velocity - the Night was
[dark?] and the Thunder roll'd, with a violence unknown in
Europe when suddenly the Moon broke out of the Clouds, in
all it's brightness - the Hemisphere was instantly as clear,
as you can conceive the same beggars description one of
Richd. [Richard?] Neighbours being Allarmed [alarmed?] tho
[though?] without [cause?], for his [employed?] Men to cut
down a number of trees to stop the [conflagration?] which
was [effectually?] done, by a heavy rain - If I have time I
intend writing to my friend Mr Wm [William?] Tennant, but whether I do
or not I wish you would urge him to write to his attorney Mr
Bailie, to [desist?] from proceeding further agt [against?]
John [Shaw?] I know his Brother in Law - Shaw has a large
family & tho [though?] he has been unfortunate, is honest,
but can do nothing for himself or his family, unless he gets
a discharge for the debt due by him to Mr Tennant which at
any rate he is totally unable to pay. I wrote sometime
since to Mr Jos [Joseph?] [Stevenson?] to apply to the
[treasury?] for some relief for their Brother Robert, he is
in a state of most abject poverty I have him at present
Painting my house, he makes but a so so painter, but is
willing to do anything for a support & a feeling man in that
trade gave him what instruction he was capable of receiving
- As his Brothers have not done anything tho [though?] they
promised it, we think of raising money to pay his Passage
home, as we do not think the present enlightened & liberal
administration would suffer an helpless broken down old Man
to be Persecuted for what is past do speak to Mr Stevenson
about this matter and to the [treasury?] also The Publick
[public?] Papers will inform you we have been badly treated
by [foreigners?] off our harbour we trust the wisdom of your
Government will grant immediate redress, but the editor of
the Belfast Paper knows nothing of the state of Politicks
[politics?] here, when he talks of a french Party - there is
no such party here if any predilection to a European Power
exists it is rather in favor of the British, tho [though?]
our Government cannot [tamely?] submit to [aggression?] from
any - be so good as shew [show?] this letter to Robert
Patterson who will interest himself about [Mr Shaw?] John
White has established a House here under the firm of John
White & [Co?] this House in Baltimore are the Partners -
pray remb. [remember?] me affty. [affectionately?] to Mrs
Simms & family - I see by the Papers our good old friend D.
Matthews is no more - I have two Daughters that my friends
tell me I am in a fair way of spoiling - I hope soon to have
a [Son?] which may perhaps prevent it I am your affectionate
& obliged friend.
John Caldwell